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Broken Bones And Burnt Cigarette

Broken Bones And Burnt Cigarette

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My life’s torn and broken; my feelings have been played with…

I try to hate you but end up despising myself;


You must have performed witchcraft or sorcery,

That has put my life in such dreadful misery,


Your lies made me fall repeatedly; my broken bones did the best they could,

My life’s in terrible soot; all I now need is a button that could reboot,


Me to my old track, I cannot see the fine line on the horizon,

Everything seems to be coagulating into each other,


My vision too, fails me as I cannot distinguish between real and reel... 

Realize the hard way, the importance of being drugged; my life’s totally rugged,


So I drug myself realizing every drop of blood I’ve is worth its weight in venom…

My heart is in a dilapidated condition, so are my lungs…


I look from my bed at the moon and your thoughts come running, your pretty face reciprocating in my thoughts-

Smoking in my room one after the other,


The smoke resembles your face… some deity,

I get up mechanically, to pay my last respects;


I have grown weak since our last visit, slain by your thoughts,

I have tried to console myself saying I’m not the bad guy…


Thinking about you is a disease I’ve caught lately

And there’s no cure for it I know…

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