Romance (My Lady Ghost)

Romance (My Lady Ghost)

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As I opened the door,

Words ended the hush on her lips

To pronounce,

‘Why did you make so delay?

I am exhausted to see the programme on television,

I am tired listening to the music,

You know,

I can’t remain separated from you so long,

I love to play with you,

I love to eat with you,

I love to quaff with you,

I love to romance with you in the night, you know how I miss you,

Still you came late,

You know, I can’t go with you outside, my periphery is Inside our cosy and plush rooms,

You are the person to whom

I am only visible,

You are the person to whom

I am available,

You are the man to whom

I am allowed to love and stay with,

Now I am irate

And I will not talk to you.'

Witnessing her anger,

I held her waist

And kissing her nape,

I whispered,

‘Baby it’s night,

Don’t squander time,

Let’s romance,

Allow me to do all the nonsense I know.'

Flicking my hair,

She said, ‘You naughty boy,

You know how to harness my anger, now don’t make delay,

You have to romance double

To make up for the loss of time.'

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