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Sucharita Parija

Abstract Drama


Sucharita Parija

Abstract Drama

Twisted Life

Twisted Life

2 mins 215 2 mins 215

Life is slightly twisted,

So are we individuals.

Yet who said life would be easy?

We wait our whole life,

Just for one opportunity,

That will shape us or crush us.

Are our thoughts indeed genuine?

The bonds are fallacious here,

There is a false alliance between all.

However, it's not fair to be petty.

Our thoughts don't match with our actions.

We are only waiting for the apt time,

When our dreams will turn real.

Our expectations might seem absurd,

The designs are unsigned,

Life's ideas are undefined,

We are over-ambitious at times,

Oddly it makes opportunities slip by.

When time is minimal,

With very few ideas in mind,

We still hope to realize our dreams.

Time acts as the best healer,

Moreover, the harsh slaughter,

Slashes our goals one by one,

Like the fat goat at the butchers.

Lost moments, charred concepts,

Unfulfilled dreams are taken away,

What remains is missed chances,

However, we carry on without them.

Should I wait for tomorrow's fate?

Or lament over yesterday's failed one?

I am a tad worried today,

To cry over it or to move on happily.

Who does actually understand?

What runs behind our facade,

Deceptive smiles hide them all.

One wasted second that fades, 

Or to expect another chance?

Which to choose here?

If the next one never waves back,

From temporary to permanent.

Is everything simply over, then?

This is the problem with life,

Everything is dubious here.

If tomorrow does not arrive,

Then only today stays with us,

Can I survive in today's sea?

Or get swept away towards the shore?

Is there no room for yesterday?

I am at a dead-end for the future,

If I miss the line of chance again.

Is it our torturous fate or a tricky life?

We have no sense, 

Of what awaits us in the future.

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