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Pratiksha sharon Trow



Pratiksha sharon Trow


As I Thought

As I Thought

2 mins 12.4K 2 mins 12.4K

Dear Diary,

I thought that I am 

The One and only

But never knew 

That I have a black aura, in deep

That was the reason for my isolated nights

And the reason for my diminished sight

I acted being a nyctophilia at dawn

And lurked for peace the whole night. 

But I found desolation and fear

Overpowering my might

Felt it hard when I suffered last night

Was my fault, but still was crying 

Neither one or two hands I saw

As I kept me aloof and locked

None would ever thought, 

That I am the one who slipped and fell

In a fear of losing sight 

Never to see my own dawn.

I am too vincible to see my fate

As it's dark and pitch gray

Ghostly view I get when saw

Feebleness blows around with an awe

Desolation my pal and tears my royal wine.

My aura compliments me 

as dark have no ray,

When I appear so frail

Though I am bound to appear

And cry all day

Coz I know the end that's tears 

And No Gay.

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