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Pratiksha sharon Trow



Pratiksha sharon Trow


Positive for life

Positive for life

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Dear Diary,

I have understood,

When once you start following your dream

Your overwhelmed heart beats faster than expectations

And you really don't notice that you skipped a beat

You feel like flying in the air with nothing but with giant aspirations

The blood in the body feels like flowing current in veins

And then you look at yourself in the past that how you were,

 you love yourself this way more than you were before,

You find out where you were wrong and rebelled against that you weren't,

You cry hours and hours that how stupid you were,

But, you get up feeling a push in your core that does not allow you to sit and cry hour in vain.

You make up your mind that no matter what "I will prove myself as I am not bound by my own Desire",

I will show the old person that how better 

I can be in the present,

With a lesson craved on heart

To not satisfy oneself, until I reach my goal.

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