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Epsita Mukherjee



Epsita Mukherjee


Artificiality Of Human Life

Artificiality Of Human Life

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Oh Life! We hail to thee, We lay our soul to thee, For none but thou understand us;

How wonderful is your credulity!

That makes us realise this world.

We, a mere puppet in thy hands,

Of our Mother Earth, not even analyse ourselves, None know what thee intend to,

It seems you give everything possible to us, Again, it seems not. 

You give us all the worldly possessions, 

But a day comes when you take all that away. Proving all the materialistic possessions, to be just a matter of artificiality. Alas!  Until our poor unthinking human heart, where logic and reason are slow to penetrate, Is obliged to believe that it was nothing..

But two transitory aspects of life...  

Finally we are left with nothing,

But the memories of those possessions and ripping our veins and falling into

Snares of delusion all over again.

There lies the futility of human existence. 

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