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Pearl Ann Palathinkal

Abstract Others


Pearl Ann Palathinkal

Abstract Others

An Epoch Dip

An Epoch Dip

2 mins

I sprang into a place all so dark,

A bangarang filled the expanse,

I quivered and quivered with rage,

But appeared not e'en a sage,

I poozled through my bag for the Lambeau,

But it was all in vain for I remembered,

 'twas lost on my way,

I searched all over my omnium-gatherum,

But futile was it, for I found nothing nifty,

I hurled my bag around and forged ahead,

But suddenly! I heard a glitch and the bangarang ceased to exist,

I knocked off and fell onto something strange,

I whirled and whirled and was thrown out,

And Voila!!! A beam of light sparked my eye,

I figured a place with many wheels,

And gadzooks! I was inside a clock, The clock of life...

I hauled the wheels backward and cherished the marvels I had back in time,

Found my life misty now,

Fog and mildew filled my heart,

For I am torn apart with sadness and

 happiness in life now,

Nothing seems to get along my way,

My nerves were ebbed of all the jolly flow and had been frozen to death now,

Ne'er will it come back to life,

Unless things set back onto my hand,

I travelled back to time,

People were all less distressed, for they lacked grudge and despondence,

I just saw beauty amidst all the sadness I had,

The whistling of birds and all of mother earth's beauty,

Now is the time, I have realised to change myself for better!

Nevertheless, it's not me... But the world needs a change,

A blast of cosmic energy throngs,

And I am hoping for a wonderful morrow.

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