Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win



2 mins

I sit here now,

Wondering about the moments how,

Time passed by, like a blink of an eye,

The days you were here, right by my side,

Oh, those glorious days!

How I wish to relive them again,

The time I first met you,

The time I held your perfect hands,

The time our lips made a world so surreal,

The only time I felt love existed and was real,

Love to me was beyond what the world wanted it to be,

A glimpse of your smile worked well for the day, and the days I was yet to see,

Your soft lush lips feeling mine,

Your mystical scent, the wine like taste, Oh! So Divine,

How we embraced each other, wrapping our souls like it was one,

And before we knew it, we’d be holding each other tight; and then came out the sun,

The look on your eyes when you saw me awake,

I could feel your heart pounding, assuring that it was for my sake,

We were one like many, but not alike,

Probably the difference pulled us closer,

Through beds of roses, paths of thorns, or even lethal spikes,

A bond unmatched, a feeling so intense,

The love was too immense, even though to the world it made no sense,

Your eyes could never move away from me,

Even amid a million faces, it was always yours I ached to see,

My reflection in, as real as I could be,

The one you accepted, the one you lived for,

The one good, bad, and distastefully ugly,

But I felt worth it, looking at myself from your eyes,

I was perfect, a true price to exist, the one to love you till and beyond, his demise,

Years passed by, but you remain the same to me,

Many may come, many may go,

Many may offer love or something similar to show,

To show me that there is a world beyond you,

Perhaps I do not want to see that world,

Or I already have, and I’ve made up my mind,

Unknowingly most likely,

That, no matter which universe a person takes me to,

Even more real, probably even more true,

It doesn’t matter to me, who they are or what they do,

With every moment passing by, turning into days that I gaze,

I know, that you were, you are, and forever will be my "ALWAYS."

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