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Sri Krishna



Sri Krishna


The Pursuit Of Finding Oneself

The Pursuit Of Finding Oneself

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Arose the sun, every day, shimmering with pride,

Blasphemously shadowing my entire life,

Corny he was, to say I needed him to live and breathe,

Deceitful were his moves, or so I perceive,

Elite and egotistic,

Focused and immodest,

God of all that lived, yet a pretentious beast,

He looked down at me, and the rest of the world,

Impetuously proving his worth, while I watched him and curled,

Jolted by his indignant moves, my emotions impearled,

Knowingly or not, I had placed him on a vengeful pedestal,

Lusting for the day, I could be a celestial,

Motivated or eclipsed, I was never sure what he did to me,

Nevertheless, I hated it; we were a dichotomy!

On the one hand, it was him, a man who played his way through life,

Proudly conquering everything with the Midas touch of his eyes,

Questioning his choice, never; neither did he pander to my opinion,

Ruthlessly he established his territorial dominion,

Silenced and left to rot, was me on the other hand,

Traumatized by his every move; Soon it was me, I couldn't stand,

Ubiquitous was my failure in life, made me lose hopes to compete,

Vailed to him, I stood, looking tired and beat,

Watched him in agony, from an underachiever's seat, 

Xeric conditions surrounded me, making me wonder why I suffered this plight,

"You were the problem," he yodeled, "It was with me you tried to pick a fight."

"Zealous you were, to become me, but to never truly understand yourself or to even seek a sight!"

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