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The Undesirable Journey - II

The Undesirable Journey - II

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Chapter - II

A Pirate's Curse

I looked deep within myself,

Dug into the darkest corners of my heart,

What was I seeking?

What did I desire?

Love was something I became unworthy of, 

Lust turned to an unquenchable thirst, 

Hungry for a she whom I could lay, 

But even after a million,

I want more, I say, 

A garden of beautiful bosoms, 

Turned into a gutter of disgust in minutes,

Moments of passion transcended into a dreadful action,

I'd go up or down,

Do it on the floor or a bed of a mansion,

I'd write a million words to remember them by, 

But after every line, I would sigh,

Thinking to myself that something was missing,

By laying every dreadful whore, 

Was it them or inspiration, I tried kissing?

Lost in the echo of "Oh my God" and "Give it to me harder,"

Building chaos within my brain,

The closer I thought I got, it was all the lies farther,

A sense of fulfillment I dreaded so badly,

Despite several strides, I failed sadly,

Is life really this meaningless, or is it just me, 

Satisfaction within was too far for me to see, 

Berserk and hopeless, I was,

As the fire blazed within, sucking me into a lost portal,

I'll probably perish, but my hunger and thirst will remain immortal,

I'll never win this race; my desire was endless and perverse,

Probably this is what they call, a lost pirate's curse.

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