Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

Manu Devassia

Abstract Inspirational


Manu Devassia

Abstract Inspirational

A Yonder Father

A Yonder Father

1 min

The end was imminent; the fall signaled it. 

Flashbacks of innocent, captivating smiles, 

once stirred my despondent spirit and self,

will soon be fleeting memories.

The life-throb grew complacent, shirking its duties. 

Realizations unmaterialized lingered around me.

Drifting away from anguish and thoughts

And putting on a content face in pretense, 

I tried chasing away the approaching fears. 

My tongue chanted uninterrupted

The final psalm of my soul,

Preparing to leave the longing to live.

Is life destined to be so brief,

Like ephemeral scribbles on the shore!

Life will soon turn into a transient dream,

Leaving all the dreams halfway.

Being content with what is still left,

Seemed wise to confront the impending destiny.


For a moment, the vague voice of my little angels, 

Unstoppable, strangled my eardrums like an echo. 

Will their eyes shed for me, this yonder father

Who uprooted himself for their secure future

And forgot to live his happy now?

Let time do the storytelling for them.


Dears, I shall never return to see you grow

To be the father's pride and hope. 

Let the everlasting memories illuminate your path,

And I, a glimmer above, shall follow your trail.

I shall arise from the heavenly slumber

As you close your eyes and palms for my soul.

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