Divyam Aggarwal

Classics Tragedy


Divyam Aggarwal

Classics Tragedy

A Walk Of Dilemma

A Walk Of Dilemma

1 min 459 1 min 459

Miles to walk on reaping grasses,

A soul with a soul, made difference in masses.

Some words were rose, but some pricked like thorn,

Together laughed in happiness and cried in mourn.

Their FRIENDSHIP was better known as ROSS & RACHEL,

Thought to be their FIRST KISS in the most beautiful chapel.

But who knew why.. they got on a BREAK,

He had no way with girls n she thought he was fake.

Romeo distilled his life over there,

Even Juliet concentrated her hatred and fear.

That time was the threshold; dilemma so deep,

Coz on either of the sides were the hues and the weeps.

But as nature of time.. it has to MOVE ON..

And yes, they met, but the time was now GONE..

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