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Heena Ayalani

Abstract Others Children


Heena Ayalani

Abstract Others Children

"A unique bond of Siblings"

"A unique bond of Siblings"

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Many relationships have been made in this world,

But, one relationship is different.

God Himself Not Beyond,

Brother and sister have a unique bond.

Whether younger or elder,

Siblings express their rights to all.

If the brother is older, 

Fulfills wishes of a younger sister.

If he is younger, then

Find a piece of chocolate and eat it secretly.

I fight with my brother too,

Reunite in minutes.

There are many things like this,

Which is just between us only!

Our relationship is Tom and Jerry,

The most beautiful and lovely.      

When the secret is opened, then

A fierce battle takes place between.

Such lovely bondage,

Where did we find in another relationship.

True - lies, silent - laughter,

Who sees and understands deeply.

Every relationship has its own importance,

But siblings are different.

Who tied with the thread called Rakhi,

Promising to protect each other in difficulties.

Before or after marriage, 

when they meet, 

the new color is filled with memories.

Now only one prayer is,

As long as I alive,

Brother, you stay with me like this!

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