Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win
Turn the Page, Turn the Life | A Writer’s Battle for Survival | Help Her Win

A Tryst With Life

A Tryst With Life

2 mins

The first cry, first touch, first look, such a beautiful feeling 

Cannot be expressed in words, a magical beginning 

An emotion so strong, a bond so touching,

Son, I cannot thank God enough for his blessing 

A relationship's journey starting an Odyssey'

A life so thrilling and exciting in its chemistry

With every year, you turned so elegant and charming 

You made an impact, wherever you went, you were a darling.

From a tiny tot to a teen, to an adult, you were unfolding 

Like a bud to a flower, blooming and blossoming.

Spreading your fragrance every inch and every furlong 

You were the Apple of my Eye, for as long 

With golden moments of growing, dotting your year's spectrum

Glowing with every passing stage in a manner absolutely winsome.

Every detail is etched in my memory, with photographic perfection

At will, I open my album, 

And reels of your charming years come flashing with intention

How time flew, I was not even aware or bound 

And here I stand before you, frail, white hair, bent all round 

I still remember your first day, hugging me tight, refusing to go to school...

Holding my hand, squeezing it hard, out of fear and separation blues 

And now the tables are turned, albeit, a different way in pith

You in your prime of adulthood, and me, a burden you cannot do away with

You don't have time to talk to me or call me to your room

So you lead me to the altar of 'His Holiness', God's Home 

And thus, 'The Old Age Home', becomes my nest to brood 

Till I get the call from God, to come home to roost.

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