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Anmol Dhaliwal



Anmol Dhaliwal


A Revolutionary Profession

A Revolutionary Profession

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Every professional is unique in itself

They contribute their lot in their own ways

Since being a part of society

Every job is intricated around it

Where some proves harmful

And some do reform the scenario drastically

One such is that of the medical profession

Where doctors are seen as the guise of God himself, in today's world

When the entire world is fearful about pandemic

Doctors and nurses stand on the forefront

To fight and chase away it

Without worrying about their own lives

Doctors indeed do deserve high esteem

Because, whenever the world face any pathological crisis

They are the one who risks their life

It is one such revolutionary works that humans have aced

Since any loss can be recovered

But not the loss of life

From our birth to our death

Our first and our last breath, usually takes place around them

Though death is inevitable

And it will come one day, at a time

So, by saving someone's loved ones

And by providing one the needed time

To spend among family and friends

They give you the greatest gift one could provide

And doctors do that on a daily basis

Without taking the credit for saving your life

So we can all payback to them, by being grateful

Because what they give us is something

No one will ever give in this selfish world to you.

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