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Dilliram chhetri

Abstract Drama Tragedy


Dilliram chhetri

Abstract Drama Tragedy



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In the memory of my dearest friend whose unfortunate sad demise made me to write this.

In the word of my ideal friend I have scribbled his feelings and thoughts.

Whether I live or not

You all remain in my heart

Even if I emerge in never waking sleep

Hope I have inspired you all.

Someday when my memories struck you

Remember I will be there

In the summers rain, winters snow

Or in the rays of scorching sun

Will just gently stroke you, friends...

I will be swaying with the gentle breeze

If you feel my instinct stop me a while

I will inspire in my way to inspire.

I do remember my dears

Those mad thoughts, cheating exam

Laughing with emotions, thundering with anger.

Do me a favour my dears

I have a word to tell...

I have a instinct to share...

Thought million dreams to enjoy

 But Shattered just in a while

Lived a short life but hope

Inspired you all little.

I was betrayed

 by the faithless fate

I am departed now.

My dear friends 

I will live high above the sky

I am so sorry 

leaving you all so young.

Tell to my friends

I will never torture them

Tell to my classmates 

I will never humiliate them

Tell to everybody 

They were the perfect fortunate ones

Tell my brother he was an ideal

Tell my mom

She was just an angel

Tell my irritating friends

I am gone in the dark dusk

Tell to my teachers 

They were just fantastic preachers.

I have gone so far

Beyond the horizon

But when the gentle breeze strokes

Remember I am around

Smiling at you

Whether I am visible or not

I am always in you 

My dear friends.

How I wish an angel would come

Give me a wand of magic to rise

From the bog of cruelty

Soon if I am fated with faith

Will born in your life

I will look with curious eyes

Recognize me my dears.

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