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Shaveta M

Abstract Tragedy


Shaveta M

Abstract Tragedy



2 mins 306 2 mins 306

Usual was the evening, usual as always was the silence outside,

Lost in thoughts I started for home, on the roads cold and wide.

A sudden hard push I felt, and then some hands pulled me along,

Shivers ran down my body, I knew something was quite wrong.

They caught me prey before I could realize, dirty was their need,

I screamed with all my might, as they grabbed me for their greed.

I pushed back to save my dignity, my innocence from being scarred,

They had their hands all over me, no matter how much I tried hard.

Rejoicing in their conquest, they took turns for the lustful play,

Ripped off my soul with their filth, while crying there naked I lay.

Hungry was the animal in them, kept cutting me apart like a knife,

When they got exhausted, they just left me there fighting for life.

Silent now became the night again, lonely again the roads around,

In agony I cried for help, but no one to hear my mourning sound.

If you are there O’ God, today your help to end this life is all I want,

Wounds might heal with time, but the memories will always haunt.

For world I might be another 'NIRBHAYA', they'll tell brave I had been,

Prayers and candle marches might follow, but justice would not be seen.

World shows this care to hide the guilt, when ‘WE’ become victim n die,

Women like me are raped each day, and no one dares to question WHY?

In a World that worship Goddesses, a fearful life to girls is all we can give,

Wish no more daughters get born here, till we make it a SAFE place to live.

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