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Shaveta M

Abstract Inspirational


Shaveta M

Abstract Inspirational

Gifting Happiness

Gifting Happiness

2 mins 292 2 mins 292

The sun was shining at its best,

Surely the day was different from the rest.

I started with a song in my heart,

To make me happy God had played his part.

Roads were full with people rushing here and there,

My outlook made it lively or was it the sun's glare.

I saw a doll with green eyes, peeping from a shop's window behind,

Its outstretched arms with smile, childhood memories rushed to my mind.

I bought the doll and held it close,

To make it my new friend, my heart had chosen,

With this joy, the child in me blushed,

To be with it, towards home I rushed.

Way back, I noticed a girl by the roadside,

Watching me hold the doll with pride.

Dressed in shabby clothes, she stood near the wall,

I could read the little eyes, adoring my doll.

Sadness seemed to hover all over her face,

As if she had been defeated in life's race.

She was a human, with dreams her heart must be filled,

But in the quest to live, her innocence was every day killed.

She tried to defy the child in her, who wanted to play,

With thoughts of her daily work, she started on her way.

She walked slowly, steps seemed hard to take,

Sleepy and worn out, yet so awake.

I walked to her, held her hand, and smiled,

She seemed scared and confused all this while.

I looked at the doll and said, this is for you,

Her eyes sparkled, realizing that it was true.

She ran with joy as if she had found a treasure,

To see the shine in her eyes, was a real pleasure.

I now knew what message God wanted to give,

A life lived for others, is the real-life we live.

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