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Jyoti Rai



Jyoti Rai


A Bright Sunny Day It Was

A Bright Sunny Day It Was

1 min

A bright sunny day it was,

An assemblage of students was on a street.

The air was filled with cheerful mingling voices

And hopes which haven't failure yet seen.

Nobody could not get affected by the scene with which one presented was,

Or so one thought till she saw one being.

Its face was of a girl's,

Much the same like others and yet not quite similar indeed.

The girl looked out of place with her grave face

And grim mouth and eyes that gleamed.

Not one soul took notice of her,

While she wouldn't budge out of her reverie.

With unswerving steps and a distant look in her eyes,

Alone she made her way through the street.

One was inessentially afraid that the prattle and mirth around her

Would disturb her peace.

But she, a strange being,

Had nothing of that sort in her mind by any means.

She looked up at the blue expanse,

Drawing strength from above it seemed.

Her countenance betrayed momentarily her composure,

It gave way to her thoughts which were earlier presumed to be serene.

They communicated her loneliness to

Every eye who had time for it to see.

The curious smile she gave and

The deep sigh she then heaved

Expressed her amusement at her own weakness,

She seemingly came out of her dream.

Away she went,

Ignorant of the impression she had made on someone involuntarily

That will make the receiver

Think about that bright day again in the future yet unseen.

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