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Things You Can Do If Your Girl Doesn’T  Back To You
Things You Can Do If Your Girl Doesn’T Back To You

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 So finally you also came in the same situation. You love someone but maybe it’s not sure from the other side. She chat with you, likes your ideas and even calls you but you are still in her friend’s zone. Everything was just going fine till her last reply of your message last week. But she is not replying anymore. She is not even replying to your comments on his status. What can you do now? Here are a few things you can.



1. Stop stalking her:  what are you doing? Checking his profile the hundredth time? Or checking your message inbox every second? Is it going to help? You and I both knows it’s a big “NO”. So why are you wasting your time. You are doing nothing just increasing the pressure in your brain. Your normal activities are becoming paranormal for others. So just drop the matter for a few days and believe on your mobile manufacturer which will surely notifies you when theirs is a notification.

2. Have patience: The only thing you can do is to have patience. It’s really hard to achieve but not impossible. A simple activity can help you. You just have to buy a plane A4 sheet paper and a pencil. (Try to buy it instead of using others it will make you feel good). Write down five things with reasons on the paper that are more important to you than the girl in these five days. It may range from a small assignment to a project work or a holiday. Make yourself abide not to think about her before you finishes them. It’s hard but it’s nothing but your priorities.

3. Talk to someone who cares for you: Talk to someone who cares for you or from where you can get happiness. Try to collect as much as you can and try to make them as happier as you can. It will make you feel better.

4. Fix a time period for her reply: Fix a reasonable time period for her reply. Because one can’t wait for someone lifelong. If she cares for you and really serious about you she will get back to you. Maybe her schedules are quite tight these days. Maybe her life has more twists than you. Or maybe her internet plan has just ended. So have patience and wait until you fixed time ends.

5. Contact her finally: Even after no reply if you think that she has something for you or you are damn serious about her contact her directly on call or face to face. Have a healthy and clear conversation. Don’t hesitate to put you view in front of her. Let it be cleared this time. Whatsoever will be the result, you will be benefited.

                   Remember one simply can’t decide your life. One can’t enforce you to do something that’s not good for you. You are the best the way you are. Don’t live it on the terms on any other person.

Thank you

written by : Anand Ranjan



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