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The Post-Proposal
The Post-Proposal

© KeERthI VasAN

Romance Tragedy

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The conditions for a perfect romantic evening were present. The clouds from all directions gathered there for a special event, as they met after a long, they exchanged hugs and merged themselves bigger. They made themselves ready to pour in few minutes. The air around carried not only moisture, but also essence of love sprayed and spread all over the garden. The rays from the west sun turned one side of sky to pinkish orange. The cute little flowers, floating in the atmosphere, filled the garden. In one corner of the garden, a tree with yellow leaves covered like a blanket, waited for a proposal. Not only that tree, also is a boy waiting under its shadow. The rusted gates of the garden, which having symbols of hearts were kept open.

She came, wearing a long red wedding skirt, which ran to her feet. The dress had long gold coloured net sleeves, having flower patterns in it. A golden ribbon was tied over her waist line. Even the vintage queens of England, would never dress like her. She had three roses tied together with a string made of feathers of white colour. As she came, every flower in the land blossomed and burst into pieces and got added to the already floating flowers. She made her way to the boy; the boy already was speechless, because of her. She had a broken smile in her face. She sat near the boy and placed her elbow on a stone and leaned towards the boy and said, “I know you are not mine, but all I wanted to say is that I loved you before. I know, I am not even an ordinary match for you, I may see men, who are prettier or smarted than you, but not a man like you, being so kind to all the species on earth, including me. I am sure, you would not expect me, saying this, but I had no other choice. It is not a proposal, it is a statement. No matter what you say, I had loved, love and will love you forever. Though I get married to someone else, I will love you. It is not cheating him, it is real love. A kind of love, which we have for our parents and siblings. You are my first cartridge of ink to my pen, which I had written a beautiful story of infatuated love. And finally, ‘I love you’”. Few drops of salty taste, originated from her eyes.

The salty drops fell on the stone and flowed through the small carvings on the stone. The carvings or not natural, it is manmade. it has the name of the boy, which is carved on the stone. It is not an ordinary stone, it’s a tomb.THE TOMB of the boy. She placed the rose triplets on the place, where the heart of the boy might be placed. The clouds which are heavy, now cried by this emotional scene occurred on earth. The floating flowers, returned to earth as they become wet. There was no rays of sun reached the sky, it showed a dark blue colour. She stood and made her way back, the flowers seeing the episode, pleaded to her, not to leave them with such a sorrow. She, having not much confidence to answer them, ran to the gates weeping and turned back and saw the stone of love, wept more heavily and covered her face with her hands and ran to the distant sky. The tree seeing some water emerging from the tomb thought it would be the boy's tears and wiped them with its branches and consoled him. “Love...finally I saw true love in this garden”, said the tree softly.

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