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Terms To Be Together
Terms To Be Together

© Oindrila Majumdar


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She - "I don't understand why we can't be together forever even when we know how madly we love and promise to be together. Why is the Universe conspiring against our love? "

He was walking by her side yet maintaining a distance. He wanted to touch her for once but they were forbidden to do that. The universe accepted their love in one condition - they could stay together and love each other forever but could never meet or touch one another.

He( thinking for sometime) - "I have cried a lot over our ill fate of love but now I don't. Somehow, I have accepted it and think of ourselves as one of the fortunate lovers of the world."

She ( completely shocked by his words) - "What? How?"

He (Smiling) - "I have seen when two people meet, like lines, they meet for sometime but they drift apart to their own ways. Their love is momentary but ours is forever."

She( mulling over his words for some moments) - "From when have you become so intelligent?"

He - " I am intelligent."

She- "It seems like my intelligence is rubbing off on you finally!!"

He - "What? For your information, I had to increase my I.Q numbers so that I can fulfill your quota too."

She - "Whatever you want to believe to keep yourself happy, you may do. But that doesn't change the truth."

They bickered and laughed for a while.

She- "I love you."

He- "Forever."

The two parellel lines ran together, in love, towards forever.

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