Ritayan Misra

Children Crime Thriller


Ritayan Misra

Children Crime Thriller

Tinnock & Tindok's Adventure 1

Tinnock & Tindok's Adventure 1

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Tinnock and Tindok are two brothers who work for a detective agency. Both have a dog each: Tinnock has Snow and Tindok has Clow. All four have an exceptional quality each:

· Tinnock: He has hearing which is as good as a cat waiting for a mouse to move in the grass.

· Tindok: He has a memory through which he can remember things he heard or saw ten years back.

· Snow: He has eyes like a hawk.

· Clow: He runs as fast as a cheetah.

All four are always very busy in solving cases and mysteries. They live at 34/1, Baker Street, London.

TINNOCK and TINDOK's Adventure in the CARIBBEAN

Tinnock, Tindok and their dogs board the ship ' AURORYLIA' on the 17th of September and will reach Jamaica on the 1st of October. Just a few weeks back, they had come back from Greece after solving the case of the missing necklace from the statue of Zeus. They had now taken a two month leave for touring around the Caribbean.

After a few days on the ship, they let Snow and Clow free as they were now quite familiar with the ship. At lunchtime, Snow came back to the brothers and pulled them with all his might to follow him. Tinnock went after him whereas Tindok went to search for Clow.

The sight which Snow showed Tinnock was quite surprising: he saw five boats which were loading circular packages into the hold, through a porthole. Later, when he met the others, he told Tindok about the sight. Tindok became suspicious as he too has seen two men talking in Spanish who were carrying three letters and circular packages.

During the wee hours the next day, Tinnock and Tindok went to the hold to search for any signs of the circular packages. In the third room, they found many large crates. They tried opening the crates and found the same circular packages that they had seen. But they did not see the two Spanish men who were spying on them from the beginning; even Snow did not see them. Suddenly out of the blue, there came two bangs of sticks on the heads of Tinnock and Tindok and the dogs were sprayed with chloroform on their faces. The men quickly wrapped the four in blankets and loaded them on a lifeboat and quickly cut off the ropes and let them go even before the police patrol came that way. But fortunately, there was this thin, black spypen which was dangling from Tindok's pocket and had recorded everything and even taken photos of the men’s faces.

Later that day, when all of them gained consciousness, they were astonished to see that they were on a boat in the middle of the sea. They had some biscuits and few of the chocolates in the emergency box of the lifeboat. Tinnock watched far away using the binoculars and saw that there was a desert island. He estimated that it would take nearly four days to reach the island.

They all were very hungry as they had only eaten biscuits and chocolates. Suddenly, Tindok said,' Why don't we used Snow’s and Clow's leashes as a fishing line and the sharp edges of the cans as a hook!' Tinnock agreed with Tindok and they immediately started preparing the fishing ropes. Then Tinnock asked Tindok about the bait. Clow suddenly started barking very loudly and was showing his neck to Tindok. Then, Tindok understood what he meant- he wanted his shiny collar to be used for attracting the fish. They finished making the ropes and within half an hour, they had fished two large fishes. They roasted and ate them and gave one to the dogs.

Next day all the four were woken up by the rumbling of an engine up in the sky. They saw that it was a yellow seaplane with Argentine markings. Tindok quickly took out the SOS flashlight and started flashing it at the plane. The pilot saw the light and quickly landed on the water. Then the pilot spoke something in a language which Tindok and Tinnock couldn't understand. They only understood that he was telling them to get inside the plane. He showed them a newspaper cutting in which their photo was there and was written “ Tindok, Tinnock y 2 perros – Desaparecido del barco- AURORYLIA.”

They slept quite comfortably in the plane until the man asked them something. He said, “ Quieted comer esta Barra de pan?” and held out a loaf of bread. They couldn’t understand anything that the man was saying. They took the loaf of bread hungrily ate it and the man laughed at them. They were now nearing a city and saw that they were going to land at the port. The city was Bahía Blanca. After they landed, they thanked him and went searching for the police station. They found it about ten minutes later. They quickly asked the head officer if they could use one of the computers and if he could identify the people whose photos were there in the memory of the spypen.

When the photos were shown to the officer, he immediately identified them. He said that they were the most wanted criminals in South America – Blansec Cameiore and Jamis Clahoure in disguise. Blansec and Jamis were involved in smuggling ammunition and weapons to few countries of Europe and the Caribbean. Blansec had last been spotted in Brasilia and Jamis in Santiago. The officer said that both have been writing mails to the police that they were innocent and were searching for some treasure.

But no one believes them as last year they made the Caribbeans against South America and due to that only one country which did not in believe them and came to participate in the Copa America Centenario was Jamaica and now both were somewhere near Jamaica.

The next day, they set out for Jamaica. After reaching Kingston (capital of Jamaica) they went directly to the port, where they saw that the AURORYLIA was docked. They watched from faraway, the passengers were getting down. Then they saw Blansec and Jamis(the people they were waiting for)and started following them. Suddenly on the road, they just disappeared. This was very mysterious as they couldn’t have just vanished into thin air in front of their eyes. Snow then pulled Tinnock to the corner of the road and showed him something. It was a lever hidden under a bush!

They quickly called police to their location and they tried to pull the lever. Suddenly, there came a crack and the ten bricks of the wall in front of them just moved aside. Tinnock and Snow entered the wall and Tindok and Flow were waiting for the police.

Inside the cave, Tinnock could hear human voices and there were many rooms. He started opening them and saw huge amounts of gold, precious stones and antique statues in each room. He identified them – They were the hidden treasures of Captain Barnalumbos, who discovered the Bermuda Triangle and his ship too had gone down with about eight tonnes of treasure and all of that was just in front of his eyes. There were many military equipment in the other rooms.

Finally he came to the room were Blansec and Jamis were sitting along with their other gang members. Tinnock said hands up and showed targeted his pistol towards them. But, Jamis came rushing towards him with a stick in his hand. But, fortunately, Snow came to the rescue! He jumped upon Jamis and pawed him to the ground with no chance for him to do anything. After that, the police reached there and the four were taken to jail. The treasure was donated to the Jamaican National History Museum.

Tinnock, Tindok, Snow and Clow now became world famous and were given lots of rewards and all newspapers had headlines with their photos.

The four then enjoyed their holiday in the Caribbean!

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