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She was driving home from office. She took a U-turn and headed towards the Railway Station, parked her scooter in a private parking and took a ticket in General category. Where?

There was time for the train to arrive. She went out, took out her phone and called her Momma dearest, "Momma, I am not coming tonight. Some urgent work, will be back tomorrow" She was from a liberal family. So, her Momma didn't interrogate further.

She lied, because it was important to know the truth of her life.

She went back to the platform and texted #him. "I am arriving at your place tomorrow morning. Please be there at the station."

While She was boarding the train, a message arrived; from him:"Are you kidding? "

She: No, I will be there in 6-7 hours.

He: Okay I will be there to receive you. Where are you staying by the way?

She(chose to ignore the question though) : See you tomorrow.

That night was the longest one for her. Because she lived the four years with him, Again. Because she didn't know whether she would be able to relive those moments again or not.

A sudden rise in commotion, chaos of people and the melancholy of an Indian Railway Station woke her up. Yes, she reached her destination.

She descended. Her dreamy beautiful eyes, full of questions, loaded with anticipation, brimming with hope; searched for him.

He was not there. "He must be stuck in traffic " She consoled herself.

She washed her face, took a cup of coffee and sat down to wait for him; A long wait though. Trains passed by and so did time.

"Will he come", She started thinking to herself. Ohh, she forgot to check her phone. God, it was dead. Now, she started looking for a charging point. She put her phone on charge and waited for it to be switched on.

"Anishka, Anishka", she heard someone calling her name; turned back; There He stood there, dripped with sweat, almost exhausted. She ran towards him. Both of them hugged each other.

"Why is your phone switched off, Where were you" He started screaming at her.

They realised they were being noticed.

He trying to calm himself and her down, "So, let's go to your place, Where are you staying?"

She: Nowhere.

A peculiar silence prevailed all around them.

He: Okay let's go over to my place then. You need to freshen up.

He held her hand and started walking.

She pulled him back, turned him towards her and said "I am here to talk to you, talk about us, talk about our present and future"

The intense look of her convinced him it's not the right time to oppose. They both sat down on the chair... for a long time, without uttering a word.

And slowly she spoke out: "So, what's the situation at your home. Is your mom convinced about our relationship?"

He after a long silence : "No. And I think she won't be."

She, on the verge of breaking down," Okay, What's next? "

He just nodded his head in reply and smiled at her.

She, trying to compose herself, "So, shall I take it as you are done. You're tired of convincing and want to leave it here"

He just smiled; Again.

A pause of actions and words; and then she stood up suddenly, took out her phone from the plug. Her Mommy was calling. She took a long breath, picked up the call, "Yeah momma, I will be home by 10 pm".

She climbed up the train in front of her. No, she didn't know where it was going. No, she didn't get the answer she came for. No, she didn't look back even once. The train departed.

He was still sitting on the desk, still as a stone, watching her going away; may be forever.

Yes, they met; for the one last time.

Yes, they met, to be apart forever.

Yes, they met; Not to meet again.

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