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The Fate of HARAZIA
The Fate of HARAZIA

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Long ago, in the world of magic, apart from the sneaky noses of humans a baby witch was born to be the future queen of the most powerful kingdom of the magical world, Harazia. When she was born, she had a twin sister. Just like her in appearance but just opposite in nature. It was predicted that if she stayed there it might cause trouble to the whole magical world. So for the sake of their world the king, Walton Bolton, and the queen, Scarlet Bolton, decided to handover their cursed daughter to the Walkers, the poor wizard family who were given the task to spy the humans so they lived in a very dirty corner of a tall wall in a human house. When they heard that the royal couple has decided to give their cursed daughter to them, they became worried. But the father of the family had some extraordinary magical powers from birth to change someone’s way of thinking. Also he had been the most faithful minister of the royal family.

The day came and the royal couple headed towards the human world with the help of vanishers, the tool built in the cupboards which worked as he secret passage for the wizards and witches to vanish from one place to another without coming in the eyes of humans. They moved in one by one and the king spelled “vaniciento” and with a spark of light they landed straight in the cupboard of the Walkers. It was dust and dirt all over the place. “Safantis”, and the place was like a shining diamond. From the back came a wizard of average age with small moustaches, one eye blue and other dark sea green. He seemed to be not so surprised to see the royal couple in his house. He offered them to sit. The royal couple told them about the prediction of the cursed child. It was their hard time when they handed over their daughter to Wixie walker, a very beautiful lady and also the wife of Will walker. She saw the child and was so surprised that a child like this can be cursed. She felt a great force of attraction which she had never felt before for anyone. She covered the child with a small fluffy blanket and pulled her wand out and with a splash of her wand she vanished. In the bedroom, she sang a beautiful lullaby and the baby slept with a sigh. Walton Bolton and Scarlet Bolton decided to leave. They ordered the walker couple to not to speak a single word in front of the cursed child about Harazia or her real parents. But they were allowed to teach her magic as she was born a witch. Then they vanished with the help of the vanishers.

Years passed, and Eden walker, the cursed witch grew up with no idea of Harazia or any memory of her biological parents. She was quite attractive and also smart at the same time. She was being taught spells and other stuff related to magic only by her so called mother and father. She also had a brother Hartle Walker. She thought that he was the most annoying creature ever created by anyone in the whole world. Whenever she was asleep he would cast the tickling spell “tickorus!!” and with a sharp cry she would get up and their own battle started. This was their routine of almost every day. This was a great surprise for the walkers as Eden was supposed to be bad but she was getting more positive day by day. They thought that this was all because of her gifted father.

But the Christmas morning was not like the other ones. Eden was chasing Halter when she heard someone said COME!! And she stopped with a jerk. “Do you heard some asking me to come?”, Eden asked her brother. “Of course not!”. Eden did not replied and headed towards her room. She was thinking about the voice and walking up and down her room. She again heard it,” COME CLOSE!! ”. When she noticed it, she was surprised as the voice was coming from the cupboard. She was confused and also curious at the same time. She pulled her wand out and spelled “spankous!!” and with a jerk, the cupboard opened. It was all dirt and dust over it. She stepped in and again the voice said to her “VANICIENTO!!”. It became white and she could feel the smog all over her face. When she opened the cupboard, she was shocked. She landed in Harazia!. Although she had no idea of it, so she started to explore. It was the place that she often saw in her nightmares. But she was not sure that a place like this ever existed. There were children spending much of their time in doing work, without their will. They were extracting the nectar from the roses. She heard someone saying “the queen should not do this to us...she was supposed to be very kind and generous”. “ Yes, I think that the royal couple did a mistake in giving the evil queen, instead they would have handed the not cursed child to the…the...I could not remember their name…”. “ What are you two blank minded talking about?”, asked a figure covered in all sorts of black thing one could find in this world. He seemed to be very rude. Then they three moved from there. For Eden’s surprise, there was not a single corner which was not black and also had a name written over and over with blood “Skyler’s thing”.

Eden did not understand what was going on. Then suddenly she heard the voice again and this time it seemed to be coming from her back. She turned her head and there stood a girl, with shoulder length hair, long nose and seemed very much ambitious. “ Your majesty, I am Carlina, the personal assistant of the real queen of Harazia”. “Har…Harzia? What is this place?”. “Don’t tell me you don’t know your birth story, you know right?”, raising her brows, Carlina asked.“ Yes…I was born the Walkers and…”.“flashinaria” casted Carlina and with a flash, there came a screen floating in the air. “ Show us the time of tough” waving her wand towards the screen spelled Carlina. The screen started showing the time when Eden was born and the prediction of the cursed child was also told by the screen. The time when the royal couple headed towards the human world and handed Eden to the walkers. The screen disappeared. Eden was shocked and pearl like tears rolled down her rosy cheeks. “ But you know what..the royal couple made a mistake while taking the cursed baby with them. Instead of taking Skyler, they took you. You were supposed to be the queen of harazia. But the evil cursed Skyler took over the kingdom and also killed her own parents in sake of being the most powerful witch in the magical world.”. “ I was kept in darkness. My parents left me and my mother never told me about that.” Eden began crying. Carlina said “ Your majesty, only you have the ability to kill the evil queen and began a new era in Harazia…will you help us to get free from this torture?” Eden nodded in a positive gesture.

After a month’s long preparation in the secret corridor of the Great Hall, Carlina and Eden headed toward the royal palace. But before that, Eden changed her appearance as Carlina told her that she looked exactly like the evil queen, Skyler. “ cintedrio!!” and she was turned into an aged woman. When they reached the palace, Eden started to feel a great negativity coming toward her. There came a figure, which was exactly like Eden and also she was the only one who was covered in the most beautiful and colorful clothes in the whole kingdom. Eden was sure that she was none other than Skyler, her twin sister. Skyler ordered one of her hundreds of slaves, to bring her water. Then she ordered the other one to sing, one to dance, one to clean her shoes and what not. “STOP THIS!!” Eden could not tolerate more and she stood in the front of the evil spirit. “Oh, what would you do, a scrape of my kindness?” “cintedrio” Eden was back from the old woman. “Oh! I see, who could have such courage to speak in front of me, other than my own sister, Eden!” she pulled her wand out and said “Now you have come in front of me, you have to DIE!!” “endes everio!!” she cried the murdering spell. “pectinus” cried Eden. The spirits of all the witches and wizards came out from the violet lightning of the wand of Skyler, which she have killed. They all supported Eden and encouraged her to kill the evil queen. She gathered all of her powers and with a blast, the body of evil queen was scattered into thousands of pieces. Eden also fainted.

“Tickorus!!” Eden could feel hundreds of invisible hands tickling her. She woke up and saw that Wixie walker, Will walker and her brother were standing in front of her. She looked around, Harazia was shining as a sparkling figure made of diamonds. All of the witches and wizards were busy and children were playing all over the palace. “What is happening, mom?” asked Eden. “ It is your crown ceremony, dear! Get up you brave kid, and get ready for the ball” then she went in the great hall. “Hey you, want to chase me or not?” “Stop you annoying creature!!” she laughed and then she ran after her brother. This was the most beautiful morning for Hararzia.

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