Be The Change

Be The Change

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I am a freelance writer.

Do you write for free?

Whom do you write for?

I think she didn't get any job.

Is the money sufficient for your financial deeds?

I have heard these a million of times ever since I began freelancing and today was my #nomotivationtowriteday or


Chaos on the road didn't matter to me anymore. I switched off my phone, radio and was deeply analyzing my problems – which I have created in my head all by myself. I parked my car in the basement and moved upstairs. Checked for the new fantasy movie and bought a full tub of popcorn loaded with cheese. I kept adding the seasonings one after the other and

entered the dark air-conditioned hall. Only few college students were present. Life was easier then, I thought.

Moving my thoughts aside, I stepped into my corner seat. I made myself comfortable and started munching the popcorn.

Crunch, crunch, crunch... this sound relaxed my soul.  

The ads started playing and the movie began.

A dog's purpose - the movie name displayed.

"What is my purpose here?", my mind asked me. 

"I have come here to relax, please don't get onto my nerves", my heart shouted.

Slowly I got submerged into the scenes and every 15th minute I shed a tear unknowingly. Towards the end, Bailey (the protagonist of the movie) found his true purpose which is: To have fun, save others, not get caught in the past or regret about it; find someone to be with and live for today that is BE HERE.

"Life will be easier if it's a three-hour movie", I thought but we have come here to watch the movie and motivate ourselves, signaled my heart.

True that.

I reached the basement and switched on my smartphone.

Thank you for using your SBI Debit Card XXXXXX for a purchase worth Rs50.0 on POS XXXXXXXXXXXXXX at GOOGLE

 *SERVICES txn# 810243777933.If not done by you, forward this SMS from mobile number registered with SBI to 9223008333 to block your card. You may also call 1-800-111109.

What the hell, I cursed myself.

By then, mutiple messages with various denominations dropped in saying it has been transacted. 

My hands trembled and I felt like my heart is in my mouth. I immediately called the customer care and they asked me to check if I had my ATM debit card with me. I prayed I shouldn’t have missed it anywhere and luckily it was inside my wallet.

Holding it, I said a quick yes. He immediately asked if I have an online account to which I replied saying I don't have one. 

I always prefer following the traditional ways than going digital as I felt it may make me a couch potato.

He started giving me instructions to create one and I did it patiently. But all in vain, I couldn't log in due to signal issues. 

I barked at them saying, "Can you please suggest me a way to get rid of this confusion". He asked me if he can block my card and I said an immediate yes. 

We seek solutions but never analyse the root cause of it.

I couldn't digest the fact. I cross checked my Google play store if I had purchased any services without my knowledge.

But no such history was seen. I searched in Google for the two different transaction named: Bigo and Octro. To my surprise, I witnessed the various complaints logged against the same issue as mine. These transactions were named as ghost transactions. In simple words, FORGERY due to our ignorance.

I filed a complaint on the same to Google play store and got a call from their customer services. The same questions were replayed and after ten minutes they told me that they couldn’t find any transactions as such in their database. They consoled me to speak with the chief manager of my respective bank on the same and will also take care about the refunds after a detailed investigation. I said okay and Tiffany ( Google customer care representative) emailed me a document as proof.

When I reached home it was around 9 PM. At morning I was completely devastated and running out of energy but at the evening I was calling from one customer care service to another to sort out my problem. 

I gathered the courage to fight for my issue. It is an issue that can be sorted, I knew it for sure and I thanked God that I didn't put any of my savings into this account for last few months. But to be honest, I didn't earn and that was why I was worrying about the whole day. 

A bad often happens after something good. I smiled recollecting this line and told to myself that I must focus on my writing and not the money. I told myself to be the energy I want to attract.

The next day, I rose up before dawn. My mind was clear. I knew what am I going to do today. I took printouts of my screenshots containing the messages, scratched my account number, wrote a letter addressing to the Chief manager and submitted to him.

He tabbed the keyboard to find out what has had happened and told me negatively that none of the transactions has gone through their gateway or POS. I didn’t react nor panicked. I just showed them my messages. He nodded and said someone has withdrawn Rs 1K from my account. It was a shocker to me now. 

He wrote few things in my letter and asked me to come back after two days.

I agreed.

While I came out, I decided I am going to jot about this incident for sure. 

I found out my purpose: To write, to inspire people and help or guide them to solve an issue irrespective of their age groups.

I started writing and attached few points like not to panic, which is stupidity but when you panic, nothing helps.

Thinking wise is one best way to sort out our problems. When all of us our becoming tech-savvy, we miss out the small details. We shop through online banking and say yes when our phone asks if it can remember our password, post our personal details after confirming social media that we are responsible for our details, agree to the terms and conditions even

before reading it completely. 

Aren't we responsible for all these issues? We give them the access to know our whereabouts and then blame the technology. Technology has come to help us out but it has its own loops and holes which we must be aware of. Spend time to know about it and use it wisely, my article concluded.

Few may circulate my article when it's trending but will definitely forget after something else comes out. We seek for solutions only when there is a problem and then forget about it. Life has to move on! 

Yes, it has to but do something about it to bring a change.




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