Dream ( hard work and hope)

Dream ( hard work and hope)

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Do you have a dream? Is there something inside you that won't let you rest? Is there something you have always wanted to do since you were a child? Is there something you have discovered recently that you are passionate about and want to pursue?

It is really but sometimes our dreams consume us, but at the same time we can all too easily give up because it seems like a star that is too far out of reach. I am going to share a story with you which is based on the fact. It is a story written to encourage, to bring hope and purpose to your life, and most importantly to create faith in oneself. I hope you enjoy reading it, and I hope it challenges you to pursue your dreams.... Whatever they may be..

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. "

Nine years ago there was a little girl who loved to dream. Her name was Gugli. She would to wish upon stars and dream of the future. She would imagine great happiness and seek after new hope. In fact, Gugli spent most of her days wishing, dreaming and hoping for things that would make her life a little less ordinary. More and more she dreamed, the better she felt. And the better she felt the more she dreamed. Days, weeks and months passed. The little girl continued to wish on stars and wait for the special moment when one day, her dreams would come true.

However she was so preoccupied with her dreaming, that opportunities passed her by like clouds on the horizon.One evening when the sky was twinkling with little stars, she noticed something floating by her. It was a little boy (his name was Guglu)clutching desperately to a rope, which was attached to a sparkling star. The girl stared in amazement before calling out desperately to the cute boy.

"are you alright?"

The little boy smiled back whilst clutching onto the rope for dear life.

"what are you doing?" the innocent girl exclaimed in wonderment.

"I am catching my wishing star," he replied, "I am going to make my wish come true."

A boy surely and steadily began climbing up the rope towards his star, as he continued to pass by a girl.

A beautiful girl looked up in the sky at all the stars she had ever wished on. There were millions and millions of them, each one twinkling so brightly. Not one of those stars had ever fallen into her lap. Not one of her wishes had ever come true.

This time she looked to a new star and made a new wish. She picked up a rope and with all her might threw it up into the sky. It wrapped itself around her chosen star and she grabbed onto it for dear life.

A innocent girl's life was about to change, and change for the better, as she had finally found her ideal.When I was a child, I would wish on stars, flower petals, and wishing bells, and although I did not really know if any of my dreams would ever come true, they still made me happy because they were my dreams. They were unique to me and me alone. Something inside myself made me desire these things, and dream of them coming true. In a sense they were my ideals for my life. And some of these ideals and dreams I still hold to today.

My dream now is still somewhat of a childhood one, in that as a child, I loved drawing and writing and wanted to have a job that involved both. Now I am on my way to pursuing a career as a children's book writer and illustration. It is a dream that requires hard work, persistence and the ability to not let discouragement and rejection get me down. I like the little girl in my story, have a grab my star and not let it go. But then that's what pursuing your dreams are all about. Faith, hope and persistence.

At recapitulate that, I personally think that if a dream gives you a desire for something,and your work hard and achieve that you could probably say dream made come true.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you have imagined. "

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