The Change

The Change

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"It's 2030 and again award for best writer of the year goes to Mr. Ankit Kumar", announcement held on stage and this is the 5th time he wins this award... Ankit was requested to speak some words on his achievement... "First of all thanks all of you for choosing me best writer again... Thanks for loving my stories... I know I've made so many mistakes in my life... I want to change them but time is time once it gone never comes back... After all of those mistakes I have never look back and now I'm here as best writer of the year... This is all happening because of your love so once again thanks all...”

 Ankit's speech clearly shows that he done something very wrong in his teenage time... Due to bad habit of drinking and smoking he had lungs cancer and he was left with only 2 weeks... Since his last report came he's regretting himself that why he started all of this and got addicted... Now he was thinking about his past and thinking if he could travel time and change his past... His luck worked and next day he heard a news that scientists succeeded in making time machine and now people would travel to the past, this was scientist’s big achievement... And a very big news for Ankit also... Ankit was thinking about his past and trying to find the reason of his high drinking habit but he was getting weak day by day due to which he ended up thinking with no result, so he decided to travel the past and find the reason and stop himself from drinking a lot... this is the only way to save his life... As Ankit was a famous writer it’s was a little bit easy for him to get the permissio.

 He has to travel the next day means he only left with 12 days...

 Next day... "Are you ready Mr. Ankit to travel the past", head scientist asked Ankit... "Yes, I'm ready", Ankit said... "So listen carefully we have to fix time for how many days and when you have to reach in time and this also effects your health sir..." "Set date 13/9/2015 and time say 7 days and I'm going to change that..." "Ok sit in the machine and happy journey sir" "Thanks" Machine started and Ankit was unconscious for some time and when he opened his eyes he saw everything changed... He stood up and starts moving, everything reminds him of his college life... Its morning time he saw date on a newspaper and date was 13/09/2015... Ankit doesn't believe that he is in past for one week from now... Suddenly he saw a gorgeous girl going to college he liked her so much that he's moving behind her he was thinking, "if that girl comes in my life may be she saves me from this bad habit"... So he got his mission to match that girl with himself... Ankit gets to know that the girl is in same college in which ankit used to study... Ankit thought this will be great if that girl and past ankit came into relationship... Future Ankit made a plan to make them a pair... Future Ankit sold his accessories and arranged money and starts taking extra lectures in their college for one week after talking to chairman of the college... Past Ankit and that girl whose name is still unknown is in different class but in same branch which made his work easy... He combined their classes and gave project to both as team and timeline was 2 days... Future ankit's first step was successful they both became good frnds during this project... Now Ankit left with 5 days in past... Future ankit's next step is to make them fall in love for this he talks to both differently and got to know they both likes each other his work got much easier... And the girl told her name Shanaya... Next move future ankit played was he set up a small act and give roles to them as - boyfriend and girlfriend... After two days play was showed and everyone liked it... Past Ankit and shanaya got closer... Now they were in love... Future ankit was now left with only 2 days... And on his last second day after the class he talked to past Ankit about shanaya and forced him to propose her... And then talked to shanaya to propose past Ankit but shanaya was shy so she's blushing then future ankit decided to make her practice... And after so many times of practice when she done it perfectly... Past Ankit came there to propose shanaya according to future ankit's plan... But due to shanaya future ankit failed to go from there and past ankit saw them together and thought shanaya was proposing his teacher... And past Ankit move away with broken heart... Past Ankit cried whole night... While shanaya and future ankit waiting for past Ankit to come but when past Ankit did not reached there they also moved from there... Now future ankit is in big tension that why past Ankit not reached there... Next day which is the 7th day future ankit tried to talk to past Ankit but after searching when he failed to find past Ankit he talked to his best friend... He told all the story to future ankit now Ankit left with no other option and when his time came to go back he saw past Ankit going somewhere so he runs toward him to explain him the truth but he saw past Ankit entered in a bar and ordered a drink... He requires no time to understand that why he is addicted to drink... But there's nothing he can do... And the time overs and he is back in future... After this time travelling his health got effected and Ankit died 3 days ago due to himself... He tried to change his past to save his future but the reason for his end was himself... And he failed to change time...

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