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Sitting on the luggage looking at the AIRPORT RUNWAY smiling on my face I was thinking,

Taking a deep breath.


I just left the girls hostel.

Returning back home.

Everything comes in my mind like it's just happened yesterday.

First time at this TERMINAL,


I just landed to this city for the first time.

City was new to me.

I was new to the Girls Hostel. The Hostel Warden politely asked me to fill up the Hostel form. I took the form lying on the table. There were certain rules on the form that one has to follow.

Rules : Light off before or on 10 O'Clock PM.

Girls are not allowed out of the Hostel after 10 O'Clock and back to the Hostel before 10 O' Clock.

In meanwhile thinking, do really girls follow the rules. Knocking on the table Hostel Warden gesture fill up the form, fill up the form.

After go through the form I filled it up and gave to the Hostel warden. She just gave me a smile and hand over me the room keys.

Telling me, go to room No. 1, 1st floor, right on the last corner.

And Warden said strictly sharing kitchen, sharing bathroom and toilet, and sharing room. I took the keys from Warden and before ahead to the room I too gave a simple smile to her. She just look at me, I know I have a lovely smile.

I headed to the room. Far from home, room was empty, I just settled the stuff, broom the floor and cleaned.

Relaxed on the bed. It was a share room.


Things are coming in my mind Room No.1 you remind me a lot the queue on bathroom and toilet, queue on kitchen, queue on mobile charging.

Hahahaha! I giggled myself, uuuufff!

Someone just done No.2 and left without flush. I just flushed it.

Girls are folded with half towels and waiting outside of the bathroom for their turn. Some girls are inside the bathroom, yet to finish.


Kitchen was always busy, girls are on queue and I was always cooked last. Sometime I cooked morning meal at 2 O'Clock after all ladies done and gone.


Sometimes Gas was over and I had to order meal from Restaurent, Home Delivery.


Delicious mouth watering Chinesse Chicken Hakka noodles and sometimes had Paratha with prawn pickles.

Aha! What a taste.

Sometimes spoons are missing and found on the kitchen table, big spoons are misplaced, knifes are missing and back after a week surprisingly!

In a hurry girls were mess-up the kitchen and sink was clog then drain then water was over flow then kitchen was flooded.

My room was just to the kitchen, first flood was affected to me.

I was like OMG!

Those are the part of the life. If such thing never happened in our life then there wouldn't be a story. 

Life is full of story. 

Apart from that Hostel life has their own story.

Sometimes electricity gone and girls are like ooooooooo! screaming!

I thing girls are more girly when they screams, when they sought.

That's like a Hostel girls.

Haa! Time!

Mobile charging was the main for the girls no socket inside the room so girls had bought extension code.

Me too.



All the extension code had to be used without Warden's permission.

Remember, hostel form, rules.

Girls do breaking things, rules breaking, you know.

Treated on my B'day on the roadside street,

Chatwalla : panipuri, dahipuri and sev puri I still licking my lips. One by one, one by one I had pani puri, dahi puri and sev puri.

I was like isss aaa isss aaa isss aaa.

Pura Paysa wasul.

I missed it.

The smell of the refrigerator, stinky! milk stinky, too stinky.

Crows on the Terrace.

Crows poop on the girls clothes.

Girls got angry. Shits.

Girls comes from different part of the state and together, life has totally different. 

Taste of life.

I am taking back those memories.

Remember, TERMINAL No. 1, Room No. 1. from the right last corner Sharing room.

Days are gone.

Time has come again to back home.

Hearts are full.

Memories are remained.

Room No. 1 and TERMINAL No. 1

I just looked out the AIRPORT RUNWAY


Flight Number AI 711 VIA 675


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