I’m fine!

I’m fine!

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"How are you?" He asked.

"I'm fine." I said.

Because I am fine! And I mean it. I've got a crush on the world & I love my life. The sun goes down & the moon comes up each day giving me plenty new beginnings. 

When things aren't going my way, I fix it and move on. I don't see a point worrying too much about issues, however big or small, because hate is heavy and sorrow is hard to carry. I don't go searching for happiness because I'm not stuck in the doom.

I've got wrinkles, not because I cried but because I laughed. I get tipsy over jokes that tend to break my rib cage. I roll on the floor giggling till my tummy hurts. What I choose and what I care about is what will affect me. 

I've got no regrets whatsoever because I make the most of being alive. I wouldn't want to spend a minute unhappy, for any day, joy outweighs despair. 

The universe tore itself apart to create me, I'm an art of physics. And to doubt my worth, is to doubt the energy of the universe. And until the very end of my being, I'm gonna let my soul wander in the vastness of everything good in the world. 

I've got one life, just one life. Why on earth would I not want to be fine?!  

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