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Once a woman went to a Mahatma with her son and requested that this boy eats a lot of jaggery, I explained to him a lot but he did not agree. Kindly explain it to him. The Mahatma said, "Daughter, take it after a week and come a week later."

That woman again appeared with her son in the service of Mahatma ji. Mahatma became silent after saying that it is harmful for him. The woman stood for a while thinking that perhaps Mahatma ji will give some more preaching to the child but Mahatma said now you children take it now, he will not eat more jaggery. The woman was very surprised. She thought that Mahatma ji could have given this preaching to the child that day, then a week later it was useless to come. She could not stop herself and complained to Mahatma ji. Maharaj began to say this simple thing, you could have told the child even that day, then why did you ask to come after a week?

Mahatma ji smiled and said, "Yes you are right, I could have said this simple thing even on that day, but if I had said that day, it would have remained a simple matter and preaching would not have happened."

The lady said, "Maharaj, I do not understand anything."

"Till that day I was not able to teach in this subject, so if I had preached on that day, the child's heart would not have affected."

The woman, still this mystery of Mahatma ji, could not understand this stuff. He looked at Mahatma ji with a questionable point of view and Mahatma ji said that the thing is that, "till that day I used to eat a lot of jaggery myself. When this demerit was in me, then I preached the child to eat less jaggery. How could I give you, so I asked you to come after a week so that I can walk on this purpose myself throughout the week, get the quality of eating less jaggery. This week I have followed these sermon doors, took his shield and I was in charge of teaching and now I went to join the ranks of ordinary matter sermons."

This little story opens the secret that preaching is appropriate that before giving any sermon, accept that quality in your heart and through your conduct, act, make that virtue meaningful, the virtue that he wants to preach to someone.

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