The King And A Slave

The King And A Slave

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There is an incident when a king needs a slave. Earlier humans used to be sold as slaves, people used to look haat there, like people nowadays buy bulls and bring them. Earlier, people used to buy poor men and then called them slaves, no matter what work was done by them, they did not have any sympathy for that king. If he needed a slave, he went and saw all the slaves there. He liked it, that boy was beautiful and healthy, 

The king asked him, brother, will you walk with us, he said, yes, I will walk, you buy me, the king asked, do you have any condition, he said, no, what is the condition of the slave, what can I search for from you if I am your house I will go and keep it as you said. However, if you have any condition, we will fulfill it. He said that when you want to do such kindness, give me half an hour every day. You will give me half an hour for your life, I will do whatever I want for myself. The king said, "Okay, I will give you half an hour every day. He will buy it and start working with it so much that he used to work from morning till evening. " He was discharged in the evening for half an hour, at that time he used to go somewhere and used to sit somewhere and then returned after half an hour, then he used to work in this way, so he had to work for 4 to 6 months. Went, but every day he used to go out for half an hour. One day the king thought that where it goes for half an hour and find out what it does

Just 1 day the king quietly followed him. He did not see that someone was coming after us. He went to a bush there. He had a scarf, spread it and prayed to God, Lord, whatever crime I committed. Ok, I got a bondage, for him, I will do this bondage all my life, please be kind to me, give me strength that I will keep doing the work of a king but Lord, this half an hour I myself I want to spend my feet in such a way that you keep on blessing me that I will never forget you, I will always remember you in my life, this will bring great peace in my life and will cut my time, saying that he would shed the same tears for a long time. And then he took his clothes and went to the king. When he saw this and heard it, he also had tears in his eyes, quietly came back to the house after the slave who was in his work and Then fell asleep at night.

When the slave came in front of the king in the morning, the king turned his hand on his head and said, "Brother, I free you because you freed me today. The king said," Today I have received this education from your life, which I cannot say I am asleep. You came and woke me up and warned me that if life is the most important thing in life, then it is time to spend half an hour for that God, to remember it, you are your children. The hands or the hands of those who work here are sold, it is perfectly right to complete their work, but at the same time keep half an hour for your life, this knowledge will go with us, this knowledge will become the boat of Bhavsagar and we will be It will be the basis for doing this, so while doing all the work, it is necessary for us not to forget it, even if we forget everything in the world, but half an hour in our life, make sure that brother is anything. This revenue will be with us as we will not leave again at that time will give our side and no would be there anyone.

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