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Jia was just nine years old when her father martyred in a terrorist attack. She was witnessing death for the first time and had never come across such a huge crowd. Unknown people from all over the country had come to pay the last respects. Ministers, officers and lot of army man gathered around and attended her dad's funeral. Most of the news channels were running the stories how brave her father was.The ones who visited showed concern. Everyone was ready to help with school fees, new home , suitable job etc. Many people actually transferred money into her Mom's account. People were all praise for her father, she felt really proud to be his daughter. This continued for a while, she wasn't even able to sleep properly with so many people around in her small home which was over crowded.

But things changed, after few days only few close relatives were at her home. The cries, visitors and their praises for her father lessened with time. And the sad part was her mom's sadness increased day by day. She used to cry a lot. And after almost two months there were no visitors, relatives, reporters, interviews. All she had was a grieving mom and an old grandpa who aged overnight. It was time for her sports day in school and Jia missed her father terribly. He had promised to attend the same but now the fact that she won't be able to see him ever again shattered her completely. She missed his phone calls, messages, the lively video calls and her heart sunk.

Now her mindset was different ...she no more wanted praises or sympathies. All she wanted was her father by her side. She didn't want the money for her bright future and education but all she wanted was to play with her father. She missed those hugs. Her young, fragile mind kept thinking and pondering over the situation and one fine day she asked her mom,' Maa, can you please get married again?! I need a father and not those medals!!'

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