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The Window
The Window


Fantasy Tragedy

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This story dates back to the year 1946.A group of researchers were trying to work on a machine such as an influencer with the help of which you could use simple words and phrases to charm speak people. This experiment was being conducted in a relatively minor military base near the Andaman and Nicobar islands. However this experiment got awry and caused an implosion. Since this experiment was carried out near the window of the old Victorian era house near the military base none of the researchers were harmed.

The researchers were totally clueless of what they had created but it did not remain a secret for long. After a month or so, one of the researchers named Dr. Reddy working on what had caused their experiment to implode came to know about what they had created when a gust of wind when a gust of wind flew one of his research papers out of the window. When Dr. Reddy immediately tried to search for his lost research paper he just caught a glimpse of it entering into a completely different place where there were the ghostly figures of humans. It definitely had to be ‘The Land Of The Dead’. Dr. Reddy carried on to throw things out of the window and concluded that the portal opened only for ten seconds every hour. Dr. Reddy wanted to keep this to himself but he told about it to his fellow researchers so that the military base could be locked and be abandoned forever.

A few decades later in the year 1990, more than twenty years after India’s independence the military base was reopened as a house and a research lab for researchers who could live in the house. The renovation of the place did not include making the place again from scratch but consisted of the modification of the interiors. By coincidence the grandchild of Dr. Reddy who too was a researcher came to stay in the house. He discovered about the ‘window’ when he was going through his grandfather’s papers and saw the ghostly image of his grandfather in the window. He immediately came to know that the window was like a portal to ‘The Land Of The Dead’. He knew that it would end badly as it held both, the key to endless death and also the key to freedom from death. Nobody knows his name since his wife had passed away when their son was born who was just one year old when Dr. Reddy's grandchild came to live in the house. Now nobody knows his name since after the incident he was so shaken that he had forgotten his own past and his son did not know his father’s name as he was just two years old when all of this had happened.

When Dr. Reddy's grandson died in 2007 his son saw his father’s soul in the ‘window’, but unlike his father who could not withstand the shock, he tried to bring his father back from ‘The Land of The Dead’. He managed to enter through the portal at the right time. However this act caused a whole lot of ghosts and monsters to return back into the mortal world. This caused the whole Earth to get destroyed and the only one alive was Dr. Reddy's great-grandson who resented for his foolish act which had caused the destruction of the whole mortal world.

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