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Holy Treasure
Holy Treasure

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One morning, Anand was waking from bed, he was very worried and began thinking of a solution to his problem. He fell into major loss because of his friend who cheated him and stole money, name and fame of Anand. Anand married Abhinaya three years ago. In the early days of marriage, they were happy with enough and time to spend with each other. Abhinaya was a bank manager and earned more money than Anand by that time. Even though he never felt disappointed or was never rude to her. Their happiness was lost with the entry of Rajesh into their life. Rajesh polluted Anand's mind and he created inequalities between the couple and that resulted in serious jealousy. Anand blindly believed Rajesh and spent money on him (Rajesh) and his thoughts and his money finally went in vain and Rajesh without informing ,left the place and went abroad.

Then Anand realised that he was cheated by Rajesh and misunderstood Abhinaya .He said sorry to her and told her his problem and both were in deep thought on about how to get that name, respect and money back.

One night, Anand fell asleep near Lord Shiva temple, where he went few hours ago to take shelter as it was raining. Late night he got up and left for home.The night was over.

Next morning he felt like something had happened to him and his thought of getting rid of world due to disrespect wasn't there in existence, then he was reminded of a dream that he had last night where he found shining that made night moon a day glittering light form land. He was unable to understand why and how he got the dream. He discussed with Abhinaya the same thing.

He was searching in his old stack of books for any solution. He found a book named "NAGENDRAPURAM". He opened book, the page he opened had some picture he had in the last night's dream. He felt curious and wanted to know about it. So he asked his elderly uncle about way to "Nagendrapuram".

Anand and Abhinaya reached the village outskirts where they found big entrance/arch named Nagendrapuram (written in Malayalam) with a snake on Shivlinga and diamond on snake (Nagas) head, which seemed like glowing as the couple entered the village(by arch).

They searched all day throughout the village whether they are able to see that land. But at the end they reached Shiva temple where Abhinaya went into main temple and prayed to God to show solution to their problem.

Anand who was waiting outside found an elderly man coming towards him.The man asked Anand to stay at his home till they complete/finish their job there, by that time Abhinaya reached there and all three of them went home.

The next day they came to know that the person who brought them there was village head since 50-60 years. He asked about the Anand's purpose of coming. Anand felt like the person may think like he is mad. So he said that came there for no practical existence.

Abhinaya went to temple after prayer. She met Ramakrishna Sastry who asked her to go to Narendra Raju - the village head from long ago. She then comes to know that the man is village head. Both of them reached Raju and explained him about their purpose of coming.

He then explained about the temple land which has that power of illuminating, but he tells that he too didn't know the reason. Long (30-35) years ago, a tourist came to know about that and he left with nothing. Many people who felt greedy of money came there for money but the next morning, they were outside the village borders just out of arch in unconscious state. So he asked them not to think of the treasure.

Anand visited the ancient library the next day and looked about this and it is in English but some part of story was written in Malayalam. He took that book to Sastry and asked about that part.

Sastry explained that the land had some mysterious powers. If you want to know more you can go to land behind temple.

He reads the description written behind temple about land. Anand tried to dig the land.He couldn't do that and returned and at the night he slept on cot outside house, looking at stars and felt asleep

Sastry came running to Anand and Raju and told about the entire story that happened for that land and treasure under it.

Finally Anand found solution by this and took required amount from the treasure will - all the while remembering his childhood and his lost love and affection and how his parents helped him to get rid of his problems.

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