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Story Of A Failed Student
Story Of A Failed Student

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Neel, a student who found it difficult to express his opinions to his parents and even to his friends during School days.It was not even wrong to say that Neel was an Average Guy, specially an introvert.The word 'Average Guy' itself says that Neel was not to good at studies nor that bad. He would pass out every class by getting passing marks or a compartment, this would definately create a problem for him in his further future/carrer.

Now after hearing all these characteristics of Neel, one question would always arise in someone's mind "But Why? Was this so with Neel only?".

The reason is very unique which was his 'PARENTS'. His parents were not rude or selfish instead they were kind, so much kind and gentle, which is indeed a good and a bad thing in itself. What his parents did was, provide all the luxuries and the comforts which Neel wanted(without his demand).

His parents only had one view from the very beginning which was, "My Child is My Child, he should not face any problems in his whole life.".

This was the opinion that changed Neel's life and made him a dependent person on someone whether it were his parents,friend,teachers etc.The worst thing about Neel's life was that his parents were so much involved in caring that they never asked Neel about his future goals or what he wanted to be in future, moreover he never faced any expectations from his parents regarding studies. His parents had already decided that Neel was going to join their family business and keep moving on, after all Neel belonged from a well-to-do wealthy family. Gradually, Neel's School Life passed away and he entered the college with Science stream which became the most difficult stage for his life. Slowly his college life also vanished as he failed in Science. There was also a good thing about Neel's life which was that he never ever had bad habits like smoking or drinking which most of the students get after their college life, the reason for this was his parents because they were concerned and were very much caring for Neel.The things which made him the most unlucky man was, being dependent and introversail attitude.Neel's life till now was already bad but it became worst when he joined the family business and saw the number of responsibilities he had, moreover he was compelled to join his father's business. He also had a college friend, Nalini to whom he used to share his deeds and thoughts(as he turned out mature) in college days and it continued. Wednesday,7 November sitting with Nalini, she asked Neel,"What are you further going to do Neel,you joined your dad's business but it's not worth. Everything is looking dark", Neel replied "Yes I know but see, I am compelled to do these things and I don't have any other option." Nalini on the other hand confidently said that,"Listen Neel, I know you from the very beginning you are not made for all these things, you are a creative person with thoughts loaded in mind.Leave all these things and believe me, become a writer".Neel excused,"What about Dad, Nalini?You think he is going to give me permission so easily?" Nalini replied wholeheartedly, "I will covince them, you just move on and don't waste time". "OK!", said Neel. . That was the day which changed Neel's life, he felt that someone was with him and was concerned for him. Nalini somehow convinced Neel's parents and his dad gave him 18 months to show what he could do. Neel did exactly the same as told by Nalini and secured the writing education and completed internship.Now Neel started writing novels,biographies, stories and many more.His parents were the one who were surprised to see that Neel, a failed student to become a successfull writer. Neel started to see the world in a different way after becoming a writer and the best thing was that Neel was no more an introvert but a confident man who used to speak out to the world.

Really, the old saying comes out to be true which is "Every woman has a hand behind every successful man”.

This was all due to that 8 Minute conversation that Neel became a successful writer.

Neel's life was now moving smoothly without and disturbances but who knows what wonders will happen with him further.

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