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Office Love
Office Love

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This is the story of a person named Akshay and a girl, Gursimran (Guri for Short) and their friends. There was a BPO in Gurgaon who was Hiring freshers/less experienced personnel for their new process which is Going to be migrated from USA to India. Akshay, Guri and some other people have interview for the same and got selected. Akshay and Guri joined the office on their first day and were part of same team. First time Akshay saw Guri and fell in love with her and starting day one, he started flirting with her. There were 6 more colleagues who joined the same day and were part of the same team. They all took training for 3 months, which was like a period full of enjoyment and learning related to processes.

Akshay always try to Sit with Guri and mostly never let any other male colleague to sit with her. Other 6 were all male colleagues but since they all were in training together and Part of same team, All became best friends. So apart from Akshay and Guri, There were 6 friends named Vampy, Vicky, Sonit, Sudhin, Karan and Devil. After 3 months of training they go live for a process and process was a big bit. They have the Boss of the process named Prashant who used to prefer Guri a lot, as she was from his neighbouring place in Delhi. Guri knew from the first day that Akshay liked her a lot, always tried to impress her and she also liked his presence but she never admitted . 1 year passed by. Akshay told her that he loved her but she always used to say she was her best friend. Now, Akshay got pissed off this friendship status with Guri and started avoiding her. Both were equally competitive in their work also but since their Boss preferred Guri over Akshay, he always made sure that either Guri got the best performer award or if both get award, Guri gets higher category award.

At times this made Akshay frustrated but he was a man of honor and always used to upgrade his skills, not only to get awards but to show to his boss and his superiors that, Akshay also deserved the best. Their other 6 friends equally liked Akshay and Guri and they never discriminated between them, so even though Akshay did not talk to Guri, but all these 8 friends always ate, roam, took breaks together. 3 years passed like this. After 3 years, They had a town hall party in their office, wherein Akshay hosted that town hall and performed very well and got accolades for his performance. Also he got appreciation for his work, so his hard work paid well. In that town hall almost everyone participated in either Drama, Hosting, Dance, Drawing activities, etc. Guri took part only in drawing activity and she made a beautiful drawing but did not get much attention as all the attention were stolen by Akshay by his hosting and others in drama, dance, etc. Akshay felt heavy for her and his emotional again rose for her and he appreciated her drawing a lot. So now both became friends again.

In a months time, Akshay expressed her Love to Guri and this time she accepted to be Akshay 's girlfriend rather than only friend. Now, they used to date each other. On weekends, they went for movies, lunch dates in Delhi, sometimes in Gurgaon. They both fell madly in love with each other. Whole office was aware about their love. Some seniors did not like it but since it did not affect the work performance, no one complained to either Akshay or Guri for the same. In the office timings too, they used to go to staircase leading to basement area and used to kiss each other madly. They both were in love and 9 months passed by. Akshay proposed Guri for marriage, Guri also wanted to marry him but she was from Sikh community while Akshay was Hindu Punjabi. Also, Guri father was not alive, so decisions related to her life used to be taken by her Massi's and her Chachu's. She discussed of her marriage proposal by Akshay, with her elder sister, who in turn discussed with her Chachu's, Massi's, and Mom. All became too angry as marrying a non Sikh boy was a great taboo.

Her family said no and she informed Akshay about the same. Akshay wanted to talk to her family but she insisted him that they both should get apart, as her family would never agree. Akshay kept on insisting her to marry him and to persuade her family but she finally started avoiding him. At last Akshay also decided to move on, since last 5 months were totally exhausted for him and he was not able to focus in his work, neither on his personal life. He told Guri at last, that he is ok, if she did not want to go against her family but since his love was too Deep, he asked her to have sex with him once, so as to keep this memory for life time. Guri said that if she would have sex with him, it would be difficult for her to forget him but Akshay persuaded her and they had sex at Akshay 's rented apartment in Delhi. She came to his rented apartment where they had a psssionate sex, they made love three times before finally saying bye to each other. Next day, they again met in office, it was becoming difficult for him to forget her but now Guri was totally avoiding him, as she has never met Akshay before. Akshay finally decided to get married, he met another girl for arranged marriage through his uncle's relation and he liked that girl very much. Her name was Monika. He got engaged with Monika and got his marriage fixed in 3 months. He Invited everyone from office, in his.marriage except Guri. Guri, when she came to know of Akshay sudden engagement and then not being invited on marriage, she got too upset. Akshay married Monika and left that BPO after 3 months of marriage and moved to another Company. Guri also got married to Arjun Singh ,after 4 months of Akshay 's marriage, from Sikh community only. Its been 6 years now and both are happily married and both couples are blessed with babies. After 6 years of marriage, still a relationship exists between Akshay and Guri, of friendship. Both are friends at Facebook but happy in their personal life.

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