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Our Undefeated Love- Prologue
Our Undefeated Love- Prologue

© Biswajit Nath Storyteller


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 I gazed through the window, the milky full moon stared back to me. The stars twinkling near the moon has beautified the full moon night amazingly. It looked awesome then the most beautiful scenery in the entire cosmoses.

I replaced my eyes to the plane. There is hardly any active passenger. Even my personal assistant, to whom U.K government has ordered to take special care of me throughout my journey to India, has activated his sleep mode unintentionally. Maybe I am the only one to whom sleep will not come. The clouds of fear and excitement have completely stolen my sleep. I don’t know what will happen after a few hours… I may get my lost love back; I may lose it once more. For the second time…

        I powered on my new Mac Book Pro which I have brought a half months ago, but I was unable to gather time for using it. For the sake that I wanted to distract my thoughts, I opened up my mailbox. There was more then three hundreds of mail from various companies, research groups and institutions. As a senior scientist in “Centre for Theoretical Cosmology” department of “University of Cambridge” , I need to look over our projects, which creates headache. But above all my mailbox creates some incurable disturbance on me. Though it is never possible to reply 300 mails kept scrolling over them.

My eyes got stuck on a mail. It was from John, one of research scholars from UC. I opened the mail. It read,

To: HMishrs@nokiamail.com

From: ManagerJohn@gmail.com

“Dear Mishra,

     At first congratulations, our latest research on cosmology went successful. Now we need to go for its application area.

    I just came to know that you’re leaving U.K for a few weeks, I can understand the reason of your visit to India. You know that you should have done that before. I hope that you will get your lost love back, and you will soon start loving rainy days again. We will be waiting for you and Anushka.

Take care.

Yours John”

                    The contents in the mail left me speechless for a moment. Why do people around us loves to make others suffer? Can’t they leave it unexpressed? The name “Anushka” echoed in my mind and heart for several times. My head ached a bit. The world around me shacked heavily. I lost my control…

Someone rushed towards me, I can hear the marching footsteps but unable to see them. A female voice uttered,” Is anything wrong sir? Do you need a doctor? ”

“no, I don’t need a doctor, actually, actually, yes I need some.. Water. Please. ”

She offered me a glass of water. I drank it without wasting a second. I felt relieved. I looked into her, a young air hostage. I felt thankful for the water.

“Thanks”- I pronounced.

“You are welcome sir, are you OK now? ”

“yeah, I am all right.”- I said.

By the time she left requesting me to inform if I need any help, my PA was awake. I felt pity for disturbing him. He felt something fishy instantly and asked me to tell him what’s wrong. I just kept silent.

I kept quiet for the next half an hour; it was almost 3 in the morning according to Indian stranded time. The plane will be landing to Delhi after 2 hours. I was about to stare back through the window when my PA broke the ice between us.

“Sir… If you don’t mind, can I ask you something? ”

“Yes of course I won’t mind, tell me. “- I said, trying to be normal.

“Can you please tell me about her, I mean about your love, for whom you are visiting India. I often find you lost in some deep thoughts, if you tell me what’s wrong with you and her, I may also be helpful for you who knows.. ” – he said.

“Actually there is nothing wrong…. Everything that has happened was written in our destiny. No one can change them… ”- I said and gave a sign of tiredness. Tiredness of life.

“What exactly happened sir? A breakup ? ”

“No… It was more than that.. Something you can’t imagine. Do you really want to know about it? “- I asked.

“Yes sir, of course.”- He said and shut down his laptop, which was there in his lap. Performing no work.

I started the story.. What exactly happened with me and my love, Anushka.. a thirty years ago...

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