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The Last Dream
The Last Dream

© Siva Aravindan

Drama Tragedy

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"The woods are lovely,dark and deep.But I have promises to keep,and miles to go before I sleep." By Robert Frost.

With this in mind,Amanda drifted into deep sleep.Memories were intense as they began to swarm around.Encapsulated deep inside sound and safe she hoped to bury them with this last dream.

He was genuine at heart and his innocent looks lured her more and more.She could remember that night when he asked,"Would you clasp my hands tightly?".She rejoiced that moment chuckling to herself.The walk along the lonely woods was heavenly and it was that unconditional love.

They had never confessed their feelings towards each other.There was this linguistic barrier and they came from two different cultural background.There was an unknown distance and an insane fear.

The transformation that this phase brought in her was unforgettable.Everything went on well until that night.It was 24th November 2015,she heard his last call.

He was on the way back home in his car from Pondicherry. She called him and he had promised her to call in just 2 minutes. After 2 minutes yes she did receive a call that informed his death.His car had crashed against a transformer as he lost control of the vehicle and was declared dead on spot.

Each night passed by but his memory tides never ceased and she never realized it would never.Each night was a last dream..

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