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Romance Tragedy Inspirational

Let's walk together

Let's walk together

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"Will we surely meet tomorrow?" I asked with a smile of excitement.

Five minutes passed with unexpected silence. It looked like our earth just stopped rounding. After a while, my phone's ringtone ended that quietness.

"Hello?" I hesitated a little.

"See you tomorrow. Great Grand Hotel. 7:00pm."

She cut the call. Her voice was hiding something. It pointed out that many years of pain was imprisoned in-between her throat. Tomorrow I would see her for the first time. She was a good-looking, gorgeous lady I have ever seen on Facebook. We were in a virtual relationship for three months and got connected via messenger for all day. After storing four thousand nine hundred messages, I was going to see her reality. I was scared too though I was excited. "If she rejects me?" mine negative thoughts threatened me. Then I had only one thing to do; wait.

I was at the suggested hotel before 7:00 in the eve with my golden-framed wristwatch. Meanwhile, all the corners beautifully dressed with assorted costly dim lights and hotel's aura was very romantically filled with the tunes of music. Suddenly, my searching eyes found someone familiar. There was a tall lady, standing beside the crystal door. Black T-shirt and hips tight three-quarter cotton jeans were enough to define her fair-complexioned skin. Her clothes were too sticky with her body that her curved part became apparent. Her metal-plated spectacles assured that it was Ahana. I moved towards her slowly and asked with much confidence, "You are Ahana?"

She glanced at me and high-fived, "Hey buddy. What's up?"

"Calling me 'buddy' at the first meet! Should I call her 'babes'?" My mind said within me.

I indicated the booked table. "Come here. Have a seat."

Everything was quite perfect except for her smile. An unknown restlessness covered her eyes' pleasure. Asked I, "Anything wrong?"


I nodded. "Hey, waiter," I raised my right hand and placed the order, "Two chicken burgers and Coca-Cola."

"Like to say anything?" I asked again.

"Yes. I think I am using you. We should end the relation here," Ahana said. 

"What are you saying?" I was drastically astonished.

"I think I don't deserve you."

This sentence burns my cold-blooded personality. Most used words by girls in the universe when they want to quit a love relation. 

"Clam yourself Avinash," I said in my mind.

"Listen Ahana. I love to hear #SeedhiBaatDon't create complexities. It's harmful to both of us, dear," I managed myself and found a peaceful way of solving any problem.

"Ok. So I wanna tell that…" Suddenly she stopped because the waiter was with the ordered burger and interrupted with selling strategies, "Hot and spicy. Specially made with Italian sauce."

We both took our own and I was eagerly waiting for her to start again. After a bite, she started the engine of her story and ended up my spur.

"When I was at seventeenth, I met a handsome guy, named Rakesh. We both loved each other. I was boy's presence lover as I have lost my father at eleven. I wanted to meet my father's love by having those boys' touches. When my mother went out, I used to call Rakesh inside to spend time together. But our one mistake made everything spoiled."

"What?" My curious mind asked her.

"One day, I invited him to watch the movie with me. That movie was adult-rated. When the actress was having sex with the hero, our excitation busted out. He came closer to me, touched my feet and hips and fingered within my secret parts. I also was out of sense. We moved to the bedroom and there all done."

I was gazing at her. "What the fuck she had done!" My scared heart asked, "He had taken protection, right? Hadn't he?"

"Nope. That was the biggest mistake."

I made a clap inside me and spooned some sauce on the half-eaten burger because the story was going to be saucy and spicy. I told, "What next?"

"I vomited for the next three days. I suspected the most possible cause and its embarrassing-horrible effect. I took the help of pregnancy checker. And the result stirred my whole body. The positive report made me so weak."

"Noting to be so weak. We all know the result of not taking protection during thirsty sex." I just made my presence saying 'hmm'.

"I phoned Rakesh. Asked him about the next step. I was thinking that he would propose me for marriage. But all went wrong and...."

I smiled a little and said, "And he rejected you. He said that it was his lust not love. Isn't it?"

"Yes absolutely. But how did you know that? You weren't even my past life."

"What did you do next? Is the baby playing now within your womb?" I told her about my thoughts.

Her blinking eyes saw me weirdly. She said, "You know most of the things but don't know the last fact. All the girls out there like me can take just one step, abortion."

"And you did it?"

"You tell. Guess my next step."

I saw at the celling and pretended to go through some deep thoughts. After a while, I guessed, "You haven't taken the bloody step…right?"

She moved her head up and down and depressingly said, "You are damn right."

Ten minutes of sad silence made me frustrated. I started, "And what to do now?"

"I tell you everything. And I know you don't deserve a tarnished girl like me. So, dear, I should leave. Sorry for everything. Bye. Thanks for this evening."

When she was going to leave the softy seat, I put my hand on her. "Wait a second. Seat," I said.

And I started my lecture. "See Ahana, through this long time, I had just been loving you. And I am not going to marry your past. Isn't it?

She smiled big. "And I know that you are a good pleasure-loving girl. Everyone in this universe do various mistakes every day. And here, there is no reason to blame you. He betrayed you, not you. So I have no problem with you and your baby. And you are lucky enough because you're going to be a life-bringer. Another talent is depending on you," I said.

Her eyes glued with mine. She said, "Are you in sense? You should take time."

I hold her hands more softly and said, "Have nothing to think. I love you and just you. You can leave me but I will always be for you. I am not in lust, am in love."

One drop of the tear with a promising smile of her made everything clear to me. And it went possible just because of her #SeedhiBaat.

I said, "Fortunately you tell me your past. Now our base of belief is so much strong. If I'll hear your past from others it may create difficulties. Thanks for making all so normal with your straight talk."

We both left our seats and Ahana held my hand. "Let's have a long walk?" She proposed.

"Yes. Even everything in our life is going to be together. Let's go."

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