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Aishwarya Mishra

Drama Children

Letter To My Father

Letter To My Father

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Dear father 

You are my love, my hero and my caretaker 

You are as caring as my mother, 

Because of you, 

My life filled with joy

You are there to make me happy

And never let me cry,

You took me to the world,

Full of luxury 

Bt I didn't see,

Your struggle of the slavery 

You are there with me

In all the important life moment

Whether it's something good

Or any worse fragment,

You are there,

 In each and every situation 

And you always want to

See me in a good position, 

You are the best gift

From God to me.

For me, you are the

One and only success key,

How could I tell you,

That, I love you, Dad

Forever and ever

I wish when I need you,

You could always be there.

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