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Rupal Desai

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Rupal Desai

Drama Others

Little things matter

Little things matter

1 min

In a dark asphaltic long voyage of night,

a tiny shine of a fire-fly,

gives you hope to little further try.

Mid of the thirsty desertified sandy path,

vision of even a little blurry mirage,

may give a way towards barrage.

For a depressed , scattered mind..

a boosting little pat on a shoulder,

can surely evoke his inner soldier.

Little things matter.

A little smile, 

for a person who feels neglected.

A little hug, 

to a body covered soul which is badly affected.

A little silence ,

when your anger want to be erupted.

A little soothing words :"Am with you" ,

to a shattered heart who needs to be protected.

A little raised voice,

when just is interrupted.

A little step forward,

when humanity is infested.

Little things really matter.

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