Letter To Story Mirror

Letter To Story Mirror

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Story Mirror. 

I agree that I had a passion to write, 

But credit to you for making it bright. 

People said this passion is unique, 

Still, in the beginning, had been panic. 

Now I believe that I can chase the world, 

Because you gave me uncountable word. 

Choices made story, poems and thoughts, 

If nothing all, better we can write quotes. 

Now creating literature has been bit easy, 

We can write even when we are busy. 

You provided wide variety of competitions, 

I feel more than winning is participation. 

I always inspire to participate and learn, 

This is how our life can make new turn. 

I know that I'm human and not born to fly, 

But definitely I believe one day I can fly. 


Thank you


A Story Mirror writer

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