Your Farewell, Such A Welfare

Your Farewell, Such A Welfare

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Tongue, nose, eyes, ears

Liver, kidneys, pancreas

Arteries, veins

Every drop of blood

And the heart

Organs of all beings

Sing the same, at ease

If they don't, it's disease.

With all our organs

Working in unison

We hum of differences

We fight for might

Words indisposed, don't coalesce

Wonderful world, under the weather

Wailing ceaselessly for peace.

With our injurious Intelligence

We bombard the stage

Arms kill, they don't stretch

Yet the earth

With utmost love and care

Beyond compare

Nurtures, nourishes

Every little nests.

With the rising of the stars

O Light, heal the Intellect

Let idiosyncrasies

Turn into acceptance.


Harbinger of horror, terror, fear

Your farewell's such a welfare.

We're deep down

Drowned in the well,

Unable to waft in the wealth

Of the ocean of peace,

With your expensive expertise

You bring death and despair

Your farewell's such a welfare.


A horrid affair

Your farewell's such a welfare.

Let the walls so false

Like those winsome waterfalls

Fall, melt and disappear

Let all sentient beings

Of the world be happier.

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