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A Fateful Day
A Fateful Day

© Asha Radhakrishnan

Drama Tragedy

1 Minutes   334    3

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Walking out the door, past the garden overgrown

She hurried down the street, this was no time to roam

She would go to the market on her way back home

When she'd picked up her little girl who was waiting all alone

They lived a lonely life, this mother and her child

In a world so sinister, they had no one by their side

We're there for each other, she thought and smiled

Her dear little daughter always foremost on her mind

She trudged along past the old market place

The buzz and the blare would not slow her pace

When all of a sudden a blast hit the street

The light blinded her and blew her up in flames

In all of a second many dreams were shattered

To the black hands of terror, not that it mattered

This evil that has happened, time and again

Claimed innocent lives, rendered sorrow and pain

Oblivious to this tragic fate, a little girl stood by her school gate

She had so much to share, she could hardly wait

Her eyes swept the street, a hundred times that day

Waiting for her mother who will never come that way..

girl mother blast lonely flames

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