You Can't Stop Me

You Can't Stop Me

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           Life is what we make it. Its total control is not in others but in our hands only. Everybody’s life is full of ups and downs. There are obstacles but at the same time, there are a full bunch of opportunities that only matter is how we in cash those opportunities. There is always a second chance in life and it gives chances to everybody to win. Every winner has extraordinary stories and every looser has plenty of excuses. It’s all in our hands whether we place ourselves in the shoe of winner or loser.

                     This story is of a simple girl from a small city in U.P, India. Her name is Priya Mishra. She is the second daughter of Mr. Madhusudhan Mishra. She having 3 sisters and 1 brother. Her mother, Krishna wants only one child in her life and making him or her well educated professional. But sometimes, everything doesn’t go according to your will. Mr. Madhusudan’s wish of having a boy lead him to 4 children in his family. Actually, Mr. Madhusudhan’s income is also very limited. He is a peon in govt. department. Although he is a govt. servant but his income is not as per the mark. He having plenty of commitments and responsibilities. So the economic conditions of the family is below the par.

                      Everything is changing in the country. There is a new wave of change in every segment but still, there are some developing areas where people’s thinking has not changed. They have upgraded their living style but not mindsets. Priya’s family was also not less than such kind of thinking. She was a very good and bright student. She always tops in each and every pretests in class. Her teachers love her very much and always says that someday she will do good name and fame.

                   Priya tops the higher secondary exams with 90% marks as well as clears pretests of AIEEE. She was sitting on top of the world. Nobody can challenge her dreams now. Being an engineer and doing something beneficial for her small village is the only dream of Priya. But wait it is Priya’s wish only not her father’s wish. Mr. Madhusudhan Mishra has some different planning in his mind. There is no science collage in the nearby area as well his financial conditions don’t allow him to send Priya out of the city for studies because he has saved some money for his daughter’s marriage as well as His only son’s higher education. So, ultimately there was no for Priya’s engineering dreams.

                    Priya was enthusiastic about her counseling for engineering college but her father denies and asked her to join Arts College just near their village. It will be best for them as there will be no transportation cost as well as free admission fees. He even didn’t bother to saw her result card of AIEEE. Priya fought a lot with him but ultimately there was no use of the fight. Even her mother also didn’t support her. Her dreams were shattering in front of her eyes and she was unable to do anything.

                     “Look, honey, you continue your study with arts steam in govt. college near chowk where will be no admission fee. You can understand my situation, your brother is younger and there will be a lot of money required in her higher education, so then where will we go ?” Her father said with a very much illogical reason but it is the fact, almost 70% of families in those backward areas of the country where people save money for girls marriage, not education as well as education of boy even though their girls are more talented than their boys.

                     So finally Priya lost the battle and compromised with her dreams. She had given a see off to her engineering career and joined govt. college with Arts stream. It took a lot of time but even with a halfhearted approach, Priya restarted her further education. Time passed away and Priya completed her college education and prepared for masters. Although she compromised with her dreams but hasn’t given up. Now she prepared to choose a teaching career and being an independent girl. But sometimes nothing goes according to you and the same was happening with Priya. She was in 1st year of MA and in meanwhile their family fixed her marriage with someone without asking her. The reason being the relation has come through a common family friend and dowry amount was less according to the status of the family. This time, Priya has not protested because she already knows the result.

                    Priya married with another compromise of her dreams. She left her home and entered a new home. Her husband’s home. It was a big house of Advocate Mr. Narayan Pandey and Priya got married to his elder son Sumit Pandey. Mr. Pandey did plenty of efforts to settling his son Sumit with quality education, all good facilities, repudiated coaching centers but unable to do so and his son Sumit is now a mamma’s boy who runs a grocery shop or in other words, just sits there occasionally.

                   Priya’s first day in the new home was not very much favorable to her. The whole day she passed with so many unnecessary rituals without having a single minute time for rest. A newly married girl had performed plenty of rituals which she never did in her life. The first day only she humiliated on many points by different persons in the house. But anyway, finally, she got rid of all those things and thought for some rest in the night. But that also not possible for her. Finally, she met with her husband and that was a painful meeting for her. It is said that sex is just an extreme point of love but how a stranger involves in such love in first interaction? No, it is not love, it is as good as rape. Because here also a person forcefully sex with a lady without her consent because now he is her husband and he having a license to do everything with her.

                   So, the married life of Priya begins. Compromises and adjustments were surrounded herself, slowly-slowly the enthusiastic girl flown away from herself and she became a normal housewife whose core work was to serve everyone in the house. Her husband went away to Delhi for some job leaving her alone. After 2 months it has cleared that Priya is pregnant. That was the last nail in caffeine. She was not ready for that but again the question is who cares? Earlier days of marriage, she had some respect in the house but as per time passed those respect converted into taunts for dowry and humiliation from her in-laws. Every time she faced humiliation and mental as well as physical tortures. She has nobody to tell her grief because her husband was also a careless person and no care of Priya.

                Priya’s life was like going on a really bad track. In all those worst environments, suddenly she encountered miscarriage. She can’t even explain her pain to anybody. Her in-laws send her to her home for an uncertain time. Earlier she thought, there might be some sympathy in her home but there was also the opposite scenario. After getting her marriage, her parents just like sold her to somebody else. Because now onwards their behavior towards her own daughter was really very much weird. Her mom also tried to convince her for going back to her in-laws house which was like a hell for her. What kind of environment people still living in a country where we are thinking to go on the moon. But this is a reality, still, there are some areas where still people don’t want to change their mindsets.

                  SO, now onwards Priya had broken and there is nothing left in her life to try once. Her dreams were gone long away and now her survival is also is a kind of question. She knows, she can’t survive in her in law’s house and there is no specific space in her own house. So, there is only one way with her which is most common in such situations. Priya’s mind also convinced to end her own life. She was just sitting on the roof of her house and it was a cozy morning in June. It might be her last morning on earth. Her mind was at zero position and nothing body becomes cold. She prepared to go beyond the railing of the roof. But suddenly in all zero minds, a soft and cute voice echoed. Within a second the voice becomes clearer and forced her to turn back. It was a small cute girl standing just behind her. It was a cute girl carrying a bag full of books and a water bottle in school uniform.

                   “Di, will you solve my question? I want to solve it but it is tough….Could you help me out….” That small girl said with the same naughty and hopeful eyes. Within a second her whole life from beginning to the time revolved in front of her and shaken her whole body. She closed her eyes and once again opened to look at the small girl. But she was not there or vanished. Actually, that small girl was Priya only. Her childhood forced her mind to prevent her decision to end her life. And she convinced. It was like the same energy and enthusiasm generated inside her body. She became the same Priya as it was 4 years back.

                       She is unstoppable now. Her mind started running at a super pace. She put aside all relations and started thinking for herself only. She starts 2nd innings of her new career with teaching at nearby coaching centers. But it was not enough for her, so after a few months she applied for a repudiated competition training institute in the city and selected as well. She shifted there is a small rented house and started taking classes as much as possible. Her life seems to be returning on track. Her husband returned back and came to her for taking her back. But this was a rebirth of a totally different Priya who know to fight for her rights. She asked him for filing a divorce petition.

                    Due to her good command of the subject and teaching skills, her organization offered her to join the head branch in Delhi. She accepted the offer and went away by leaving all dark memories behind. Delhi is the heart of India and it accepts everybody coming to its courtyard. Priya also well settled down in Delhi within a few months. Although her income was not very high still it was enough for a happy life of herself. But something very big waiting for her. Actually, it was her birthday and she prepared the most delicious cake for all her colleagues whom she invited to her home. Everybody complimented her for that delicious cake and there was one person among them given her idea to open an outlet of cake.

At that time it was looking like just for fun. But Priya thought for the same whole night and next day she comes up with an idea of putting her name on an online app-based food delivery market place. She started and got one order for the day. Her colleagues helped her a lot by ordering a cake through that app and convinced in their friend circle to doing so. The response came late but when it came, it was like anything. Orders were in huge numbers and people become crazy about her cake. She has to left her job to fulfilling her cake orders. That small cake seller on an app becomes a popular name in city within a few months only.

                     Finally, Priya inaugurated her own cake shop with the name called, “Taste it For Once”….It becomes the most popular cake junction in city and Priya opened more branches in other cities as well. Now, “Taste it For Once” become a brand name in the country and ready to export it’s delicious cakes to other countries also. Priya fulfilled her all dreams, she successfully divorced her ex-husband and took her family to stay with her. She changed her father’s thinking that a boy only can serve his family.

                     So friends, if that morning, Priya ended her life, nobody would be able to taste the delicious cake from the Brand of Priya of she herself would have died a simple death. So never be break down in your like and always ready to take challenges and go for it. There is always a second chance. Do what best things you are having expertise. Definitely, you will get the results. It will not come today, not tomorrow but someday you will rock the world. Running from the problem is very easy but that will not a so

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