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No Limits In True Love

No Limits In True Love

12 mins

God has said in Bhagwat Gita that he is available in each and every object or living and non-living creature of world and everything happens according to his wish. So why we always like to comment on others, we like to taunt others, we like to humiliate others but never try to find ourselves. This is the only fact that makes a big difference. The day when we all love each other’s, we all try to search our path of success, the world will be more beautiful than ever. Because the earth is a beautiful place made by god.

Somi is a cute and innocent girl just perusing her graduation. She is pretty much innocent as well as super-fast in her naughty activities. She took everything on her own when it comes to her favorite TV show as well as her best pet Tommy. She loves her doggy more than anything. Late awaking, wearing anything for college, not making notes and everything practicing her new songs are her typical day-to-day lifestyle. She use to talk too much. But still, she is the best mate of her friends and the heart of their group.


Somi is the daughter of a senior lawyer of Delhi high court, Mrs. Sulochna Bhatia and Renowned businessman Mr. Randhir Bhatia. Her dad is a cool businessman and loves her more than anything. On the other hand, Mrs. Sulochna is a very much polished, strict, well-mannered and perfect high society lady. She even never forgets to change her perfume according to the color theme of her saree. In one word, she is a very balanced woman. She tries to keep her girl also in a bunch of discipline and manners but that is next to impossible with Somi.

Somi’s best friend is Radha who is her colleague and class representative. Radha is very much talented and bright student of the college. She is every teacher’s favorite in college. Radha belongs to a very backward class community, her father is a sweeper in the municipality and she joins college through scholarship. But apart from all this poor background and all, Radha’s friends are like her family. They never realized her about her past and community.


Radha is very much strong in terms of physically as well as mentally. She has struggled a lot in her past and finally get rid of all the obstacles and become a perfect student. Somi is her only weakness in life as she loves her like anything. She is not only her friend but more than that. She always tries to make her serious about her career. But Somi is different than her and the world’s most casual girl. Radha is her life support. Nobody can even think about breaking their solid bond of friendship.


One day Somi was sitting idle in the college lobby and looking like deep thinking about something. It is different from her character because she is very much a ruff and tuff girl who never thinks a lot on any topic. But that day she was looking dull. Radha went to her after finishing her extra class of music.


“What happens Som ?” Radha asked by touching her hand.


“Nothing ! just mood is upset….” She replied with a very dull voice.


“Hey Som, don’t be over professional in front of me. I know you better than anything. You can’t hide anything from me. So, stop hiding from me. Tell me what happens.” Radha said with a mature and responsible voice.


“You are grandma…….” Somi said with an unwanted smile on her face.


“Yes, I am and now tell what happens?” Radha replied in the same voice.


“Radha, sometimes I think what will be my future. I am not as good as you in studies, not as much talented, not looking like a model, nothing yaar………. So, what will be my future?


“Oh my god! You think a lot. Hey, who said you are not good. You are good at everything. Always be your hero, not allow others to judge you. And who sets the parameters of being good? And what are those parameters? Nothing! You are good and you will get success in your life. Don’t be foolish. If you are not very good at one subject, that doesn’t mean you are not good at studies. Hit on your commendable subjects and try to get away with weaker. Just chill girl, you are the best.” Radha said with full of confidence in her voice.


“No, Radha, I know you are my best friend that’s why you are saying these things.” Somi again said in the same frustrating voice.


“Som! Again negativity, what happens girl? Why you are so upset today?” Radha said with sympathy in her eyes.


“Ok Radha, tell me one thing…….” Somi said


“What?” Radha replied with confidence.

“I always talk a lot, right? And also sometimes pretty much stupid but that doesn’t mean that somebody would block me on his Whatsapp?” Somi said the fact.


“No of course not and being talkative is not a bad thing. It is natural for you. Who has blocked you on Whatsapp ????” Radha replied with aggression on her eyes.


“Rahul has blocked on Whatsapp. He was saying that you talk a lot. When I said, ‘why blocked me?’ he replied that he needs some time alone so he blocked me with some other guys also…..” Somi said with emotional eyes.

“Rahul??? (Rahul is their common friend and batchmate in college) What the hell! Who the hell is Rahul? And who he is to decide for blocking you? You ignore him and focus on your career only. He is not the universal boss who can decide the fate of anyone.” Radha consolidated Somi.


“You know, I always think good for him but he hurt me. I never expected this from him. He was my goddamn friend.” Somi broke down by saying this statement.

“Hey som, come on! Are you mad? Stop crying …… It was Rahul’s fault that he is going to miss a good friend like you. Don’t worry, you know, I did a lot of things for many people but not received even a simple gratitude from them. But I never minded this and always trying to moving on to my life. You should also follow your career goals only. And forget these friends because they will not stay in your life but your achievement will always remain with you.”


The conversation between them continues for some more time and Radha convinced her like a mentor. Somi is very much emotional and caring nature person who cares for all. So, the discarding behavior of Rahul has hurt her from inside, so she was very upset.


One day Somi come to Radha and said something not expected by Radha at that time. Although it was not very weird to Radha she has not ready for the same. Actually, it was the last day of the final years and everyone was wishing to their dear ones. In mid of everything, Somi hold the hand of Radha and let her to the classroom where nobody was there.


“Radha, I want to say something ?” Somi said with little hesitation in her voice.


“Yes, tell me what happens Som?” Radha replied.


“Radha, I think a lot and now I decided to tell you everything.”Somi was trying to control her emotions.


“Som, tell me please……” Radha said again.


“Radha, actually in the last few years, I realize that you are not only my friend but something more than it. My heart always signs towards you with a feeling which I can’t explain. I realized that I am in love with you and want my whole life with you. I love you Radha.” Finally Somi said the thing which has just shaken Radha.


“Som but……..”Radha trying to say something but Somi interrupted.


“Radha please! If you don’t like it, please tell me. I will be happy because after all it's my decision, not yours and so I will not force you for this. But don’t say all this bullshit like people, relations, society and much more. The only fact I know that I love you and need your answer.” Somi answer has not left any option in front of Radha because she also likes her but not from her angle.


 “Somi, do you think, it will work out till our entire life? I mean, have you thought about it?” Radha said with a matured voice.


“Yes, I did…….. now you tell what your answer ???” Somi was rigid in her proposal.


Radha was in dilemma and the first time in her life she was in a position to not decide anything. But in front of her, there was a hopeful face of Somi whom she never wants to hurt. This situation created some new feelings in her heart and unveiled the inner love in her heart for Somi. She touched her hands and looking straight at her eyes. She held her by her waist and touched her lips with her rosy lips. It was a new story that started between them which has to cover a long distance.


 Their love story started and they loved each other very much. College holidays were going on and so on their story. They went to many places together. But finally, Radha’s application for a scholarship of higher studies in Canada had approved and she got the call. She was very much career-oriented and never want to lose this opportunity. So, she wants to go there for studies next 2 years. Before going to Canada, they decided to tell everything to their families and get their relation legalize. But it is the real acid test of their relation.


They went to Somi‘s house and said everything to Mrs. Sulochna and Mr. Randhir Bhatia. They both get stuck for a while and Mr. Bhatia was speechless to say anything. He sits idle on the sofa. But Mrs. Sulochna was not in a mood of sitting idle without saying anything. So, she started with the venomous arrows of her statements against Radha……


“What are you saying Somi….. I know, we let you free in your life but that doesn’t mean that you can do anything as per your wish. Didn’t even think about us before taking this decision? Huh, didn’t you think what will be our position in society? I didn’t think that you are that much stupid.” She was saying but meanwhile Somi interrupted..


“Mom, please listen…………..” Somi tried to convince her but she was not in a position to listen to anything or even a single word.


“Just shut up and listen carefully, I will not allow this relation at any cost. Just stop this nonsense and focus on your higher studies. Stop it right now. Didn’t you found a better boy for these love and all, huh? Also with this girl? The bunch of shit. Her father use to wipe shits of govt. office and you are going to be her lesbo partner? We even use to sanitize our hands if we touch them by default. Isn’t it a kind of joke? Or have you started taking drugs?” Mrs. Sulochana’s statements were started going to another direction.


“Enough mom! That’s it and what you were saying, a bunch of shit??? Mom, you were my ideal and I never expected such words from you for anyone. I have grown up seeing you fighting for the justice of others but not like that. But today, you proved me wrong. You use sanitizer by touching them whose cases you always fought and won.” Somi was saying these things with a bit of emotion in her eyes.


“Don’t say these things to me. There is a difference between advising to public and applying to personal life.” Mrs. Sulochana said in the same tone.


“Ok then it is my personal life and I have the right to take my own decisions of my life. Mom, I am leaving home for a new life with Radha.and one more thing, you no need to sanitize your hand by touching them but to sanitize your mind. I don’t care about these societies and all because society doesn’t feed me. And what difference if I would have love some boy ?? oooo I am getting, I would have always set myself for him, every night according to his mood. Or baby within a year as per the demand of this sick society… No, I can’t. Rather I will love to give a better life to an orphanage who can’t hear taunt in future from the people of higher society like you…… I am going mom and will try to never come back until you accept us. You know mom, there is a thick layer of mud spreading over the minds of these high society people but now this is the time to sanitize this until it is too late. You taught me to be independent towards our rights and this is my right which nobody can snatch away from me…….” Somi had tremendous confidence on that day and she won.


Although, there was no acceptance, from both of their parents, Radha and Somi moved to another country and started their own happy life. As expected, Somi gave birth to a baby girl through surrogacy and completed her happy family. Love has no limits and it is not limited to having sex with a partner or other obligations. It is limitless and a beautiful feeling which is beyond anything in the world. God knows when so-called society will accept these relations but it is a beautiful form of love.


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