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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Pravinn Tripathi



Pravinn Tripathi


A Friend's Verdict

A Friend's Verdict

9 mins

          Friendship is the one of the greatest relationship of our life or in other words, we can say that a true friend is the only gem we hardly earn in our life. A friend is someone who always ready for sacrifice everything available with him for his dear friend. Just sending morning or night wishes or New Year wishes on a person’s whatsapp is not called a friend but a true friend is beyond than everything whose emotions can’t be measure through the count of these wishes on whatsapp or social sites.

                 This story also belongs to heart whelming relation of two friends who live for each other. Rohan Mathur and Ajay Singh are two best friends from their childhood. They grew up together and studied as well as worked in same city. Rohan’s father was a repudiated business in the city so he grew up with a silver spoon. His father always took his wishes very seriously and he cares for Ajay. Ajay was not that much financially strong as Rohan, but he never wished for anything higher for his buying limit.

                  They settled in the city as law professionals. Ajay was a very bright student and that’s why he has cleared PCS (J) and appointed as a judge in season court where Rohan satisfied with his lawyer degree. Ajay started living with his parents in his new home in Delhi which was his dream from childhood. His old parents were also very much happy as well as proud on his son. On other side, Rohan was happy in his dad’s farm house in Gurgaon. But their relations still same. They always use to meet on weekend as well as parties.

                  Rohan got married and started new innings of his life. As always everything was going well in his life and he was happy. After 2 years of his marriage, he become the father of a baby boy. Everything in his life was going well until his wife accidentally got to know about his extramarital affair with some other woman. She tried to exhort him many times but he couldn’t understand and continued with his activates. Initially, he used to ignore her but after sometimes, he started fighting with her as well as violence. After failing to convince him with all her efforts, she finally chose to broke up the relation and filed for a divorce. Here also, she got into different troubles due to the money power of Rohan’s father. They were not in a mood of providing her desirable alimony as well as possession of child.

                  On the day of hearing, Rohan’s happiness touched the sky by knowing that the judge was non other than his best friend Ajay. He had bribed almost everybody related to the case but only one doubt was running in his mind and that was judge whom he can’t bribe but that problem had automatically solved when he had seen Ajay as judge for his case. As the result, everything gone as per plan and the case was in his hand. After first hearing, everything has cleared and it was confirmed that case will go in favor of Rohan. The final verdict had decided for next hearing and everybody went away.

                It is said that law is blind but not judge. A good judge can easily understand everything about the case in first few arguments. And here it was Rohan, who was best friend of Ajay. He was pretty well aware about his habits and his nature. He knows that Ajay was telling lie in court and his wife was genuine on her arguments. But as per law, almost maximum evidences were in favor of Ajay and major thing was his friendship. Ajay never wants to hurt Rohan at any cost and here it was very easy for him to save his friendship as well as giving an unbiased verdict on the basis of evidences. But still his mind was disturbed after all he was also a human being and he can understand the pain of his wife.

                The night before the verdict day was not very easy for Ajay. He was roaming in his home without any reason and tensed as well. He finally shared all the matters with his dad who also advised him to go with evidence and his friend. He decided not to think more and slept.

               The day has come and the verdict had to deliver. Everything was normal in courtroom. Rohan was very much sure about a positive verdict so he was relaxed and sitting happily in his place. Everybody was waiting for honorable judge to taking his place and delivering his verdict. Some people were giggling by showing their hands to Rohan and some were gossiping from behind. Finally the honorable judge arrived and there was a pin drop silence.

            Rohan’s wife was looking at honorable judge with hopeful eyes which was looking like dying hope because it has already cleared that verdict will be in favor of Rohan. Judge has unfolded his file and delivered his verdict. It was the verdict which has shaken everybody available in the courtroom and Rohan too. This verdict has creamed their friendship as well.

“I have heard all the arguments given by both the parties as well as all the facts presented in front of court. All the documents and proofs are really important parts of this case and it is a simple and open-ended case. I think almost everybody present in the case are already knows the verdict. But it is not like that. Because a person’s sentiments can’t be negotiated by money, a mother’s motherhood can’t be measure through some edited documents, pain of a dedicated wife can’t be telecast through a fake video and humanity can’t be traded for some penny.” Judge Ajay Singh took a long breath.

            “Mrs. Seema Mathur deserves justice and justice will deliver. A newly born baby’s custody can’t be given to a person who is still not serious about his relations and accused of domestic violence. So, the baby will be with Mrs Seema and she is entitled to alimony as per she has requested in her petition.” He finished with his verdict and closed the case.

              Their friendship ruined away and broke like a thick gap of broken earth which never going to fill. Rohan looked at Ajay with an eyes filled with ocean of anger but didn’t said any word and went away. After some days, everything settled and life again came on track. Fortunately, he convinced Seema to giving him one last chance restart their life again. As the result, their divorce has not taken place and they started living life together once again. Everything settled as it is but one thing has not done and that was their friendship. Post incidence, Rohan never talked with Ajay, although Ajay tried a lot to talk with hem but he has not responded. After sometimes, Ajay also transferred to Hyderabad and he shifted with his family.

               Ajay went away from Rohan but he has unable to wipe out memories of their friendship. He always missed Rohan and those good times. He also got married and started a new life in a new city. Time never stops and it gone like anything. 15 years passed and everybody deeply involved with their own family. Rohan also got matured and promoted to the post of judge. Here Ajay was working with same passion and honesty. He was on his verge of retirement but happy for his successful journey.

               Government changed and everything was simultaneously changing as per trend. There was a politician who got into jail somehow 10 years back due to corruption charges and verdict had given by Ajay at that time even though he had tried a lot to bribe him but Ajay’s honesty was far beyond than his offers. But now things were changed and the corrupt politician becomes a cabinet minister in current government. He had his man and chance also to take his revenge. He succeeds in his plan and entrapped Ajay in a fake bribery case for a land deal in city.

                Ajay was an honest person so he can’t even think about bribery of anything related to this. But power of a ruling politician is bigger than anything. He remain helpless in spite of multiple friends as well as relatives, Ajay was feeling alone in this case as there was nobody coming to help him due to fear of supreme power of that politician. At last, he got arrested and the case gone to court.

             It is said the world is very small place and you can’t predict whom you are going t meet today. The same has happened with Ajay that day. The friend whom he never meet from last 15 years, he finally meet. But this time the situation was different. This time, Rohan was at seat of honorable seat and Ajay become accused.

             Everything was happening the same as it was like last time. All the facts were manipulated and triggered towards Ajay and there was no hope for his acquittal. Judge Rohan was listening and examining all the facts very deeply and writing down all the points. He was tough towards Ajay and his arguments. It was looking like he had just got an opportunity he was waiting for a long time. Ajay was his enemy at the point of time and he was preparing to attack on him.

            Finally the verdict delivered and it was again a big surprise. This time the tough face of Rohan ended up delivering verdict in favor of Ajay. He was happy cum shocked. Because he has lost all his hopes and not expecting any mercy in verdict of Rohan. But Rohan’s verdict was memorable for everybody and a verdict for lifetime which enables common people to strong enough for fighting against big powers. Rohan welcomed the great applaud from people present at courtroom and went away. Ajay also went home with a happy face.

            That evening Rohan come to Ajay’s home who had taken oath for never meeting with him in his lifetime but friendship never dies. Rohan knocked on the door and Ajay got stuck at door by looking at him. He was speechless and broke down by emotions stored from a long time. He introduced Rohan with his wife and kids and sat with him.

              “Rohan, you can’t imagine how desperately I was waiting for this day. Actually, after that event, I lost all my hope that you will ever meet with me………” Rohan said with an emotional voice.

              “I am sorry, Ajay…………..” Rohan said by looking his eyes.

              “Why? You are my friend and I should say sorry to you because due to some circumstances, I had not supported you and our friendship as well……… So, I must say sorry.” Ajay replied.

              “No Ajay, I am saying sorry because I am guilty. I am guilty of our friendship who never think about you and your responsibilities a justice. I was greedy who tried to negotiate friendship, who tried to buy verdict of a justice….. I did those horrible mistakes and never apologize for them. I always think that you did wrong with me. But today when I was going to deliver my verdict, I realized the value of a verdict given by justice. I understood the fact behind that white lady holding a balance closing her eyes. Today, I realized that I was wrong at that time and you was right. Justice should be stick with the truth and unbiased with anybody because people come with hopes of their lives in front of him. I am sorry friend.” Rohan said and started crying like kids.

               Their friendship became stronger again but both realized the responsibility of moral and professional life which is bigger than relations.


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