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The Speaking Puppet

The Speaking Puppet

11 mins

 Life is the biggest mastermind of the universe. It controls everybody and having a pre-set plan for everyone in the world. We can’t have control over it. Either we lost our faith in ourselves or force ourselves to live with it. A simple life according to our destiny is one of the most common choices we go for. But some people have that much courage to fight against destiny. They always try and change the plan of life or in some words destiny. They never stop by the cyclones of life but fights till the last breath. The results of their uncompromising will powers always become history. The story of Mr. Raman is also a true story of inspirational fighting from destiny.


                It was a sunny morning of a cozy Sunday of May, everybody was more or less in a weekend mode. So, late waking, passing free times, going for a lazy walk and much more are typical activities of common people in Delhi or nearby areas. There is a place almost 100 km away from Delhi, called Panipat. Historically it is having very much importance and everyone must know about it. But it is not a big metropolitan place but a developing city. So, the effect of Sunday was more or less the same in the city.


              It was morning at 7:30 and still, there was a bench full of all aged persons in the park. Some were doing yogas, some running and some were gossiping with their group. There were old persons of the colony who always came to the park in the morning and left after a good discussion on various topics, especially politics. In all this regular scenario, there was one more activity that might be awkward for us but very much regular for those people coming in the park because they saw it daily.

             There was an old person about the age of the late 75s just going towards station road by hanging a bag full of handmade puppets and another bag pack containing a bottle of water as well as food for the day. He is Mr. Raman Kaushik who was going to Delhi for selling those puppets inside his bag. He goes to the city every day and returns home in the night by selling those puppets. Though it is a very much tough job for him at this age still he never stops and prepared every day to go for the market for selling those puppets. There is no working person in his home apart from him. So, he is the only source of income for him as well as his same age wife.

             The people sitting in a park having some sympathy for him but he never looks at them and focused on his destination through his old eyes whose vision is also blurred. No work is big or small, but work is work only. There is no scope of thinking about the views of others. Somebody is so much determined towards his or her goals so that they don’t care about others and at the same time, some people don’t have many options apart from doing their works. Mr. Raman’s situation is both, he is much determined towards his goal of serving his family as well as no options than that work.

            The journey started, Mr. Raman took the train to Delhi which took 2 hrs to reach. The morning of May is slightly normal but as per the time passes, it becomes hotter than anything. The days of May in Delhi just burns. Mr. Raman sat on his seat with hopeful eyes and some hazy expectations of a good sale. He is not a hardcore salesman but he had chosen that profession due to something very much unexpected happened to him. It was his fight with his destiny and he has an attitude of never give up.

           Mr. Raman Kaushik was not a poor man throughout his life but life played hard as well as a cruel game with him and compelled him to that kind of hard work at this age. Let me introduce him from the start. He was a bank manager in an MNC bank in Delhi. He worked for 20 years in the organization with full dedication and loyalty. During his young days, his earning was also good and he was living a good life. He had a son and 3 daughters. He wants to make his son a sports person but he had chosen to engineer instead of going into sports.

            Everything was going well with Mr. Raman. As per time, his kids also grown. His son qualified for IIT and went for higher education in Mumbai. He married his elder daughter with so much joy and grandeur. His son in law was a loco pilot in Indian railways which means a handsome salary and secured life. He was happy which increased further when his son got a job in MNC company in Gurgaon.

           So, Mr. Raman’s life was going on a smooth track. A happy family consisting of 5 persons with 2 working people on good posts in their organization sounds good. In meanwhile his son got an opportunity to going gulf country with the promotion in his job as well as an increased salary package. Initially, he hesitated because but for the sake of his son’s future as well as his wish of working abroad, he allowed him to go abroad.

            “You are going but keep in mind my three advises. First, always work with integrity and loyalty for your organization, Second thing is always giving us a call every evening, and third is family. In all situations and circumstances, always think about family. So, don’t try to become a citizen of abroad and try to come home on at least 1 big festival in a year.” This was his last advice to his son who, he loves a lot but never expressed in front of others.

              “Yes dad, I will take care and try to come whenever I will have a chance.” His son Mohit replied with copycat statements.

            “Best Wished son……”He wished him and he went away.

              Mohit well settled in the gulf and as per his advice as well as instruction, he always talks with them from there and describes his organization, work and much more. His wife Taruna Devi was still wanted Mohit to come back ASAP because she was missing him badly. He promised to come home next month after almost one and a half years.

               One day, Mr. Raman was going to the office, meanwhile, he got a call from his wife but she was not there on the other side and his younger daughter was on the other side. She was unable to say anything instead of requesting him for coming back home urgently. It was like a shock for him and he rushed towards his home. He also checked his phone and there were 24 missed calls from an international number. His phone was in his bag that’s why he couldn’t hear the ringtones and when he was about to reach the office, he just picked the phone from his bag and fortunately at the same time, he got a call of his wife.

             He reached his home with so much concern about his wife in his mind. He was expecting some health concern of his wife but the news was very much horrible than his expectation. He got to know from his daughter that her mom received a call from Gulf that Mohit had a road accident and he passed away on the spot. They tried to contact him first but due to no response, they called to a secondary number of his wife.

            That news shook him instantly and he became statue for a few seconds. It was a high noise of sorrow and grief in his house and which was long term. Losing a young son is always tough for anybody and the same was happening with Mr. Raman that day. He was crying by holding his wife to live a small child. His wife’s tears were like dried and she was sitting on the floor like a statue. She was surrounded by neighbors and other friends.

           Nothing could compensate his grief at that time and that was a bitter fact of life. Though he was only a senior person in the house, so by putting all odds aside, he completed all formalities and performed the last rites of his son whose corpse has not received due to very much fatal accident. The happy life of Mr. Raman suddenly changed the track which he never expected. But that did not end but some more was awaited.

            After just 4 months of the death of his son, he got one more shock of life. The organization where he was working from the last 20 years, decided to wind up its operation in India and shut down its operation. It was not only a shock but a life-changing event for him. He spent his maximum savings for the higher education of his son. He even not made any home for family and were living in a company flat. Very next day, he got an eviction notice from the department to leave the house as the company has no more responsibility because it was terminating its operations in-country.

          So, no job, no house, and no support made him clueless. Life had just shaken him completely. He didn’t have that kind of relatives also who can support him and finding a job at that age in the era of technology was next to impossible. Finally, he decided to move to his hometown in Panipat where there was an old house that had closed for a long time become shed for him and his family. He got some money from the organization dusting his full and final but couldn’t get a pension as committed by the organization too.

           He married his two daughters through the money leftover with him. So, technically there were no more responsibilities left with him. But what about himself and his wife. Initial years, he spent the leftover saving money with him. But that also came to a point to finish. What’s next?

           He thought that sitting at home will be made his life difficult. So, after so much yes and no’s, he finally decided to work again but the problem was the same. There was no job at his level in his city and he was outdated for jobs in a big city. But he has one thing that never going to be outdated and that was his will power and courage. He having some expertise in making handmade puppets as per his hobby during his childhood days. So, he decided to make and sell them for some income.

          He made some extremely good looking puppets and went on to the market for selling. But it is said that these days there is no value of locally made things although it is better than others still people go for cheap and colorful things only. So, after roaming around the market, he hardly able to sell 4-5 puppets which was very much less for him. The same scenario went on for the whole month.

          One day, an unknown advised him to go to Delhi Market for selling his puppets as there was a big market for antic things. But that was not a feasible decision for him as per his age and old strength to daily up and down from Delhi to Panipat. His wife also denied him to doing so. But poverty is the best motivation for life.

         He finally decided and went on to the market of Delhi. That day and today, he travels almost 90 km each side in train for selling his puppets. Selling puppets haven’t made him a millionaire but still, he can serve his family at an age of 75 years. People have sympathies for him, they feel sorry for him but only sympathy nothing else. Mr. Raman never expected any help from his neighbors or friends and happy with his work. 

          A young man standing just near to Mr. Raman and asking for the pricing of his entire merchandise. He said Rs 1900 after counting all his puppets. He agreed to buy the entire material and gave him money. He was happy with money. Somebody asking him with a loud voice by saying ‘uncle’, ‘uncle’. He just opens his eyes and found his co-passenger saying him to getting down from train as station arrived. He was sleeping on his seat and dreaming of that sale of his entire merchandise.

         So, Mr. Raman’s day started with slowly roaming around one corner to another of Connaught place, Delhi by holding the bags and his stick. At this age, his legs also not supporting him properly. He took the support of steak for walking and standing. Roaming on that street of Connaught place in all weather became the new destiny of Mr. Raman. Some people having sympathy for him or the same having guilt on him but what matters for him,

Nothing! He always goes on to the street with a soft smile on his old face. After some years, his story becomes recognized by some young persons and spread through social media but his struggle to fight with destiny continues. That day also comes when that young boy of his dream came to him any purchased all his merchandise. He was very happy that day and taught that boy the best lesson of life which is always fighting with destiny.


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