Sky is Mine

Sky is Mine

9 mins

    “कर्मण्ये वाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन”


            You have your command on your efforts only but not on results. So, do your efforts towards your goals without thinking about results. Because caring for results always prevents you from taking that vital step which is most important for your success.

           Presently I am going to share a small story with you which is proving the above statement. Meet Mr. Rachit Sharma. The CEO of the country’s largest food chain, ‘just Fish’. His age will be around 45 but for him, it is just a mare number. He is fittest than any youth of today’s time. He never thinks or did anything other than just enjoying life. He lives every moment of his life. Lavish life, imported cars, international trips, hanging out at top-rated places are core values of his life. At present, he is driving 6th generation Porsche, but he has 3 Ferrari, 1 Hummer, 1 Lamborghini, 1 Audi and his favorite Contessa with a modified naos engine on the front bonnet. Actually, cars are his first love. His wife never drives his cars as she having her own selection of cars. 

           But this lavish life and these amenities have not come to his inheritance. But there was an extraordinary story behind this success and definitely some best wishes which have played catalyst behind the same. From the last 10 years, He just lived a life for which he actually meant. It was his passion and he just chased it. 

             Days, months, years were just passing out but his ultimate goal remains missing somewhere. It was always new resolutions on the day of every New Year or birthdays, but never implementations happened. Life was like always starting a new job, working for those asshole bosses and after 2 years again looking for a new job. It is not only Rachit but a typical life of every salesperson who always starts jobs in an organization with so much motivation but after six months, updates their new job profile on job search engines, start giving interviews and after almost one and a half years, switch to another organization. But for Rachit, it was enough and he was all set to start something different than his typical life.

           That day, He went to another city for an interview as he was not satisfied with the working culture of his organization at that time. He was a bit nervous but again, he had to face the CEO of the new organization without any hesitation. The interview started with the same typical introductions and KRAs in current organizations. The answers to those questions were like auto fitted in his mind. Apart from the introduction, he asked only one question which was first and last but having a weight of million tons. 

           “Tell me 3 very different and remarkable things you did in your life so far, these may be your personal, professional life or anything else.” It was a simple but tricky question. He answered, explained and finally satisfied the interviewer. But that question has just completely shaken him up from inside. He didn’t know why but a different kind of vibe had entered inside him and he had to find an answer for him. For cracking interviews, we always rely on diplomatic answers for desired results. He did the same on that day and the interviewer also convinced. He got selected but that question was just sailing around his mind the whole time during returning home. 

            Actually, his inner heart continued asking that question whole time and he was really thinking the same, ‘what was that 3 remarkable things he did in his life so far, but his answers were noted enough to satisfy his mind. Because it was almost half the life had passed away but nothing remarkable was visible in his life so far. Because till the time he did only those things which were commons and everybody uses to do. But what about those works for which people could know him? The answer was ‘nothing’!

            Passing whole life without doing anything extraordinary is like a waste of whole life, so the missing confidence increased inside him and his soul started to cook something different which was going to be life-changing to him. After getting an offer for a new job to resigning to an existing organization, a number of know-hows and much more, he finally decided something different which nobody had expected.

             Actually, he looked back to his last 10 years and found only work for living not for passion or innovation although he had multiple innovative ideas but couldn’t have enough courage to implement them and work for them. But that’s enough. That time, he completely prepared his mind to work for his dreams only. He was ready for the biggest risk of his life and fully convinced by doing so. 

            But still, during the whole month almost 1000 times, he changed his mind and once again convinced for not doing a new job and starting up of his own setup. But it was one moment when he took the final step. Actually, he had prepared himself for joining the new organization and it was 4 ‘o'clock in the early morning, he was preparing to go for the airport to attend the training season of new organizations in a different city. His wife was looking at him straight for a long time. 

             “What happened honey? Why you are looking so off????” he asked by looking at her.

             “Nothing! “ She replied in a very slow voice.

             “Honey, tell me what happens?” he asked again.

             “I am just thinking, after a long time in your life, you took a decision and excited about the same but once again, you changed and going to start the same job for others. Why?” She said with a confident voice and there was a very different vibe in her voice at that time. 

             “Honey, you know better. We have to do a lot of things in the coming future, there was a risk in starting own setup. So, I changed my decision. Will try again after some time when we will have some more back up.” he replied with a very general and common answer.

            “There is risk in everything but that doesn’t stop anybody from going forward. You are traveling with a flight that flies above 30000 feet and always the risk of life but still, people opt to travel. Like this, there is plenty of common things we do every day which contains risk. So, according to you, we must stop living and sitting inside a room which will be completely free of risk.” She said in a determined voice and he didn’t know what was running in her mind that morning. Her statements were tough but very clear. There was ultimately one logic behind everything and that was ‘how long ?’. How long we must live in fear of job security and so on….. ‘Either forced to eat rotten berries or cultivate our own berries.’

             So, after a short but very effective conversation, one more final decision came out and that was not to go for joining of the new organization and start to own set up as per the previous plan. He canceled his flight and didn’t join the new organization. It was a little tough but he finally did it. It is always said that if you throw someone to water, he will make his way out whether he knows swimming or not. So, the same thing was happening, he decided to open his set up and left all the opportunities and finally, he started with his small take away restaurant. It took almost 20 days and more than half of his savings to start the restaurant. It was a low investment set up so they were more or less dependent upon online orders as well as a contact of dear ones. But it is said that there is a difference between appreciation and actual. Before starting the set-up, their dear ones appreciated them a lot but when it actually started, everybody was running short of time even to come and visit the restaurant.

          The very next day, he went for his hometown alone. His wife was there only to partially run the restaurant. He went to his old village, meet with people whom he never met from the last 10-12 years. They were very much delighted to meet with him. But he had something different in his mind. He went there to learn the cooking of some extraordinary traditional foods and some unique recipes which are commonly not available in cities. 

           He stayed for almost 10 days and learned step by step recipes and processing of multiple snacks and full course meals. It was beyond his imagination that in the last 10 days he learned to cook 20 different varieties of fish cooking and much more. Finally, he came back and started thinking out of way. He changed the name of his restaurant to a specialty food joint and become a specialist in fish cooking. His wife was not convinced with that idea but He was pretty sure with the new idea. Initial days, He used to provide more attractive low discount schemes which resulted in the further loss but he had stricken with his plans. But He had final back up of only 2 months only so It was made or break situation for Him. 

           At last, the luck started working for him and customer footfall increased. He also involved his all-time in cooking and serving only. In those days, he used to sleep around 1 in the night and wake up early morning 5. There was nothing but only his customers were visible to him. Days, weeks, months and years passed away and the small specialty restaurant becomes one of the most popular food joints of the area. Very next year, He started another restaurant in another area and overall 4 restaurants in that year. The number of employees had increased still he used to visit all restaurants once a week and stood for a day there. 

          The success continued and he started thinking for the next level and that was an international food chain. But his existing food variety, ingredients, and all things were not as per international standards. So, he applied the same trick once again. He took some break and went away to Italy by handing over responsibilities to his wife. He stayed there for 3 months and went to so many food chains, not in all but yes he found a lot of inputs from few chains as there were helpful chefs who befriend him and shared recipes for some of the best international foods. Next one month he passed in Dubai and found an Indian chef in a famous restaurant there. His advice had fulfilled his search and completed the same. 

         So, success doesn’t lie in extra secure steps but it lies in extraordinary steps. Whoever takes this step has reached far beyond everything. Think something extraordinary and put your all efforts with honesty without caring for the result.


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